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As milk production after the province of Inner Mongolia, Hebei Province in the first quarter Dairy Sales rate to maintain good momentum, but the profits are significantly reduced, and increase the yield of the formation of “inverted” state. Hebei Province Food Industry Association recently released a quarterly production run analysis shows that, as a vicious competition for milk, milk price “fever” led to the first quarter of this year, liquid dairy and Hebei Province Dairy products Total profit fell 49.02%. 64 enterprises in the industry with 23 losses, losses amounted to 44.71 million yuan.

Tension caused by looting the wind milk

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, Hebei Province, the first quarter of this year, industrial output value of liquid dairy and dairy products account for 14.97% the same industry, second only to Inner Mongolia, ranking No. 2. In the first quarter of Hebei Province, liquid dairies and dairy manufacturing industries to achieve output of 627,600 tons, sales income of 5.531 billion yuan, compared with a substantial increase over the same period last year. However, total profits and taxes and profits have dropped by 38.90% over the previous year and 49.02%, 1 / 3 of enterprise losses.

“Dairy industry is a huge loss of milk due to high tension, small business vicious competition, grab milk, so Dairy Sharp increase in raw material cost of the acquisition. “Hebei Food Industry Association, Wang Yinsheng said.

It is reported that Hebei milk base concentrated in Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Tangshan city. Some new businesses in the old dairy processing enterprises in a row near the plant, contrary to the National Development and Reform Commission on the dairy processing enterprises should be more than 60 km away from the relevant provisions, and only charge the milk not to pursue the milk source base. In addition, since 2007, developed a number of dairy cows has dropped substantially, some countries have restricted exports of milk powder, milk powder on the international market prices rise, so that the number of China’s imports of milk powder decreased, also contributed to the causes of insufficient milk.

Raw milk price “fever”, or the loss or raise prices milk enterprises

Wang Yinsheng said Hebei milk purchase price has now reached 2900 yuan / ton, compared with last year, more than doubled. By feed costs push up milk prices is normal, abnormal milk, some dairy companies looting exacerbated price increases. Although it is Milk Sales of off-season, but the manufacturers of quality milk vendors is fierce competition for comparisons of the acquisition increases. Milk sales are expected to peak in August, the manufacturers of the milk of grabbing more intense, raw milk prices will continue to rise.

Raw milk prices rose, led directly to a loss of small dairy business. The large-scale dairy enterprises are forced to raise milk prices to deal with.

March this year, as the leader of Shijiazhuang, Hebei Dairy Sanlu Group submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission to raise milk prices for some, on March 27 issued a document agreed to the NDRC official price increase for companies, Sanlu price increase by about 10%. Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group executives said, although Sanlu had been saving energy, compression costs, but profits are still significant decline in price increases is compelled by the original milk and other rising costs.

Dairy farmers have hidden behind the short-term interests

Wang Yinsheng research found that companies looting in the process of milk, some dairy farmers look at immediate, self-selected buyers, regardless of Enterprise, base station, or milk contract, the milk to the high prices of the companies, no longer original enterprise Cooperation . Nothing wrong with the pursuit of benefit farmers, but also a result of three deep-seated problems highlighted: first processing season, the milk shortage, companies hungry; Second, when processing off-season, non-corporate members of the farmers not to sell milk, restricted dairy processing enterprises in particular, who is a dairy farmer; third processing season, the parties compete for orders for milk, regardless of the quality of some enterprises, there is often a number of product quality and safety worries.

“To prevent tension in the case of milk, dairy companies signed ‘Baotuan’ lower milk price, resulting in damage to the interests of dairy farmers.” Wang Yinsheng said. Dairy situation shows how large groups of farmers into the business cooperation, to work closely with members of the enterprise, to become parties to explore the important issues. BOLA TANGKAS