Heidi Montag’s Diet and Workout Secrets

Heidi Montag (or Pratt, now) has always maintained that she has never been on a diet and pretty much eats what she likes. It is just so frustrating for those of us trying to lose weight and tone up to hear these skinny, toned celebrities go on about how they “never diet” and “eat like a pig” and how it much just be “good genes.”

Sometimes, these celebrity women might not realize the harm they are doing to regular women when they say these things. However, there is an easy answer to why so many of them describe the way they have achieved their amazing bodies like this.

Basically, being “not on a diet” for celebrities like Heidi Montag is pretty darn similar to “being on a diet” for the rest of us. It comes down to the fact that someone skinnier and more toned that you probably has a much better diet that you do. Heidi Montag and many of the other celebrities who have desirable, healthy bodies do not need to go on a diet because they already eat well and exercise enough.

This might seem difficult to conceive, but it becomes easier when you understand that eating is actually habitual. You can train yourself to eat well, and enjoy it! It becomes much easier once you’ve been eating better for a while, because your body will actually stop craving all the “bad foods” that you thought you would never be able to resist

Heidi Montag’s diet and workout doesn’t really contain any secrets, at the end of the day. She eats 5 to 7 small meals throughout the day, each with lean protein and lots of vegetables (think sushi, ham on wheat sandwiches, egg whites on oatmeal, fruit and so on) while avoiding alcohol. Heidi also makes sure to sleep at least 7 hours each night, and she is very dedicated to working out.

Heidi’s workouts consist mainly of full body athletic movements combined with some other basic exercises. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel; we already know what works well for weight loss and increased muscle tone, and the “latest fad” is usually just a variation of that. This means lots of squats, lunges, weight training and cardio.

If you research the “diet and workout secrets” of most celebrity women with rockin’ bodies, you’ll find a very similar routine. Why? Because it’s simple, and it works – as long as you keep at it. The “normal woman” is just as capable as these women of achieving that amazing body and healthy lifestyle, as long as she has the dedication to put aside the time and put in the effort.