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synthetic steroids are materials which promote swift muscle progression and strength gains. For this goal they have become awfully popular in the world of bodybuilding. A bodybuilders highest target is to as huge and as well-built as thinkable in order to be the finest. This frequently results in them misusing steroids and other hurtful substances. Steroids can be mentally addictive because once a user sees how much rapider they can make muscle they never want to make muscle naturally again as they feel it’s a waste of time. Many bodybuilders end up dying in their 40’s and 50’s from heart attacks, this is because of them mistreating steroids while they are younger and a lot of the side effects only catch up later on in life. A lot of pressure is also put on them by their fans, every year people want to see greater and better looking bodybuilders and the only way they can get this is by using more and more steroids, this is the same as in sports, people want to see faster and better athletes that break world records. If no world records were destroyed at the Olympics do you think people would still find it interesting? Of course not! These athletes are put under so much pressure by their instructors, their fans, even their country that they are keen to do anything to make sure they don’t fail everyone. Steroids can do astonishing things if used properly and can also be safe, the problem is some people don’t teach themselves and have no idea how to use them correctly and this can cause some damaging side effects . There are many various types of steroids available, such as oxymetholone, oxandrolone, Deca, Dianabol, Equipoise, Testosterone, Trenbolone and stanozolol to name a few. Different steroids have different results on the body, some encourage rapid mass and strength gains, these are known as highly androgenic steroids, whilst others are used to endorse lean muscle gains. High adrogenic steroids are usualy more toxic on the body and have more severe side effects. Common side effects for steroids are acne, balding, high blood pressure, aggression, gyno, water retention, liver damage and kidney damage. Most side effects are dosage linked though and if you lower the quantity the side effects usually fade. If you ever decide to use steroids then be sure to teach yourself to help keep your body healthy, steroids are band for a reason and they can cause very serious side effects if not used correctly, and a lot of those side effects will only catch up with you later on in life so don’t fool yourself. Expert bodybuilders get themselves tested by {doctors


medical professionals] weekly to make sure everything is healthy and working correctly. They get blood tests to check out their hormone levels and to check out their liver values and even with all those tests they aren’t 100% safe. Thank you for reading this article I wrote, I hope you found it educational.
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