Helping Moms Go Back to School

Junior colleges frequently get a bad rap. If you’re a hard-working mom, however, the junior college environment may be exactly what you’re looking for. Two-year colleges present many interesting possibilities for gaining an education. Financial aid is a common concern, but taking care of that is part of the package as well. For a long time 2-year colleges have seemed like schools to go to in order to waste time and money. The truth is that junior colleges are a welcoming environment that is usually close to home, relatively inexpensive and full of challenging course offerings. The flexibility and opportunity are great for moms who want to go to school. Started in 2009, the Scholarships for Moms program helps to enroll moms in colleges and universities of all kinds. Getting $ 5,000 can go a long way toward earning a professional degree. Financial savings are a significant factor of attending junior college. A $ 5,000 Pell Grant doesn’t remove financial burdens, but it can certainly alleviate them. The cost of attendance at junior colleges is often half that of 4-year schools. Furthermore, community colleges frequently offer full-ride scholarships to high school students with high standardized test scores and GPA. This is a significant prize for young moms who still managed to do well in school. Whether you receive a school scholarship or not, the Pell Grant can be used to pay for most school-related expenses. The course offerings at many community colleges now more closely resemble those at traditional 4-year institutions. Honors programs at colleges are often a symbol of success, and a 2002 New York Times report found that many junior colleges offer these programs. Many also have study opportunities that reflect the opportunities at big liberal arts universities. Some schools allow students to study subjects like philosophy and cultural art in places around the world. The benefit is that students gain a broader perspective of the world, and colleges are able to attract more students. A community college education is well within reach for a mom who has earned an education grant. The $ 5,000 grants for moms can ensure that junior college is within reach. These schools also allow a mom to prepare for a productive career in two years or a transfer to a 4-year college. On the path toward your career, a 2-year degree is a good first step. BOLA TANGKAS

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