Helping Moms Go Back to School: Obama Grants

It’s never a bad time to invest in education and your future. This is especially true for working, single and stay at home moms. It’s important not to pass up educational opportunities like grants. They could be the first step to becoming part of a popular industry. There are plenty of careers that will open up in the technology sector. Many of our everyday functions depend on smart, fast technology. There are scores of people who work daily to research, develop, install and troubleshoot these technological tools. In the next five years, the field of computer software engineering is expected to grow significantly. There are plenty of strong job options related to the information technology sector. Health and medicine is another job area that is always in high demand. There are plenty of important careers besides being a doctor or nurse. Occupational and physical therapists are important as well as their assistants. Addiction and behavioral counselors are also important careers. There are several other fields besides counseling that don’t necessarily require a medical degree to practice. There are some indicators that the economy and job market could see significant growth in the next five years. Financial planners and advisors, computer analysts and a number of other professions are important now and will continue to be so in the future. There is at least one similarity among all this professions: education. If you’re a mom reading this, the chance hasn’t passed you by to get the proper education for one of these careers. In 2009, President Obama introduced the Grants for Moms initiative. By making it easier to get as much as $ 5,000 for their education, the administration is trying to encourage eager women to go back to school or even to go for the first time. Hopefully more mothers can earn the bachelor’s, associate’s and specialized degrees that are needed to fill important positions in the work force. Obama grants make it easier for mothers to get the education they need to care for their children. At 2-year and 4-year schools alike there are plenty of amazing educational opportunities. If you’re a mother who is thinking of going to school, you should look around to see what you can do. BOLA TANGKAS