Helping Your Company To Go Green

More and more companies are seeing the value of cutting their carbon emissions and going green. Businesses face new and significant challenges, including changes in consumer buying behaviour as consumers are increasingly influenced by concern over climate change. Companies should recognise the implications of this new business environment and make changes before they are forced through green legislation. With a little effort and proactive steps, you can become a green champion in your company, you can make some positive changes for your business and the environment. All that is required is a new approach and a change in thinking. Here is quick guide to help you get started:

Maximise your recycling and create greener practices
Look at what your company consumes and find ways to recycle, reduce and reuse. Buy recycled paper, refill computer ink cartridges rather than adding them to the landfill etc.

Sourcing green products
Many companies provide environmentally friendly and sustainable business products such as refillable computer ink cartridges and recycled paper. You should look to use such companies at every opportunity.

Review your energy use
Whilst it is not practical for most companies to install big solar panels, there are a few basic power saving tips we can all take on; switching the lights off in the evening, setting timers for the heaters and most importantly switching computers and other electrical equipment (printers etc) off when we all go home (leaving the computer on is a bad habit that many people get into, yet it would make an incredible difference towards your green credentials and also significantly reduce your companies power bill.

Do you really need to print that report or presentation?
A vast amount of paper is wasted every day through printing of reports, emails, agendas, briefs, pitches, proposals, figures, forecasts, presentations and so on. Ask yourself, do these things really need to be printed; does everyone in the meeting really need their own copy? Reduce the amount you print and encourage others to also.

Car emissions are hazardous for the environment. Encourage the people in your company to carpool, cycle or take public transport when possible. Where possible, cut down on those unnecessary taxi rides across.

Buy plants
This one is often overlooked but putting plants in your office will not only make your office look a lot nicer, but plants emit oxygen and they absorb airborne pollutants and negative ions from computers.

Environment courses
There are a number of environmental courses for a greener world, designed to show you that adopting greener business practices isn’t just good for the earth, it can make your business healthier too. Included in such courses are Accounting for Carbon, Becoming a Green Champion in your company, Green HR, The Green PA, The Green Manager or Green Office Manager and of course waste management.

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