Henry Hoover: Funny Face, Serious Vacuum Suitable For Office.

When the Henry Hoover was first release in the 1980s, lots of people had reservations this unusual looking hoover was nothing other than just a novelty. Happily, Henry H proved everyone to be wrong, making his more harsh critics look like fools! Having a smiling face and hose as a nose he might seem anything but serious, this mighty Hoover has won the imagination of lots of industry experts with his unrivalled suction and durability!

When you first flicks the on switch, they are always amazed at the amount of force is rammed into such a small package!

Thin or thick carpets, they will come clean thanks to Henry! This smiling vacuum cleaner is a high performance machine! His compact shell means efficient storage. The combination of lightweight, moving handles and wheels make moving the device round easy! You’ll be able to tackle a tiled or carpeted floor or the stairs without breaking your back.

Have you got fairly large rugs to clean? No problem for Henry Hoover! A hi-low option which allows you to control the amount of suction you need for each job! Talk about versatile! The vacuum also arrives with several versatile heads out of the box for use on different styles of furniture and flooring.

Simple to install, the effective Microflo bags which keep the dirt and dust trapped inside! Stored under Henrys Black hat, they are kept in place with two easy to release clips. The most surprising feature of the bags is their significant capacity. No more changing the bag constantly; these can hold about 9 litres. Buying replacement bags is not difficult either due to the popularity Henry Hoover has come to have.

Henry’s popularity with professionals and cleaners is what has made Henry so recognisable! The hard working piece of kit impressed the professionals so much many took their’s home and recommended it to their friends and family.

So if you are in need of some little help motivating yourself to get vacuuming, you can count on Henry Hoover who will help you clean with a smile on your face when you clean! As we said before; Comical face, Serious vacuum! BOLA TANGKAS