Here’s how to Stop Feeling Hungry

There is absolutely nothing worse than being hungry (well, being tired, sick, and stressed are all pretty up there), but hunger just takes the cake – no pun intended 😉

Heres How to have a delicious healthy meal!

Here’s exactly what was on the table:

Lemon Buttered Chicken Breasts

Brown Rice – with a touch of Celtic Sea Salt and Butter

Zucchini and Broccoli – sautéed with fresh garlic and coconut oil

Colorful Salad with my famous homemade dressing

Famous Homemade Dressing – Olive oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Brown Mustard, Fresh chopped garlic, and lots of love. (yes, you can add your own love and it will taste just as great.)

Here was the problem. Not one hour later, Your hungry again! Yikes buddy, you ate enough for a whole village and now you’re telling me your hungry?

This seems to happen to a lot of people when they adopt a new healthy eating plan. They eat all the “right” foods on their plan and then they feel hunger all day. Who can function when they’re hungry? I surely can’t. Have you ever seen me hungry? Good… you don’t want to.

When  you eat meats and proteins that are very lean (chicken breast, lean fish, lean buffalo) you are left hungry very soon after. But when you eat meats and proteins that are more on the fatty side (chicken legs and thighs, salmon, beef) you are satiated for much longer.

Here’s why…

You must know your metabolic type in order to choose the foods that you’re body will work best with. If you are not eating according to your type, you will be hungry all day and sticking to your healthy plan will be much harder, even impossible.

I see people make this mistake all the time. They think that “one size fits all” or more specifically “one meal plan fits all” (I refuse to use the word “diet” as you all know my meal plans are not a diet).

Just in case you have not yet taken the Metabolic Typing Test in The Diet Solution Program, here are just a few questions that may help you tackle your hunger and keep staying on a healthy eating regimen much more doable for you. Remember this is just a small sampling of questions, to get the best results you’ll need to take the full Metabolic Typing Test in the Diet Solution Program.

1. When you include more sources of fat into your meals, are you then more satiated for a longer period of time? (You may be a protein type)

2. When you include healthy starches like brown rice, oatmeal and sweet potatoes into your meals, are you then more satiated for a longer period of time? (You may be a carb type)

3. When you eat a combination of carbs and proteins in every meal, are you then more satiated for a longer period of time? (You may be a mixed type)

Please don’t think it’s ok for protein types go full on Atkins and carb types go completely starch happy. We all need a combo of all macronutrients. I can tell you this, as a strong protein type myself, if I only ate chicken breast, lean fish and brown rice for my meals, I would soon be eating my fingers (and that’s not cute).

Pay close attention to your meals throughout the day or better yet keep a food journal and ask yourself these questions to find your own “hunger solutions”:

1. Which meals left me feeling the best? Energized? Satiated? And Satisfied?

2. Which meals left me feeling bad? Hungry? Lethargic? And craving more?

3. Am I eating out of boredom or habit or is this really hunger?

Start there and really pay attention to how your meals are making you feeling soon after. Once you tackle the hunger problem, healthy eating becomes much, much easier…for you