Heritage Hotels In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a land of kings and royal households. It is a place which stills reflects the royal life-style of the kings of the bygone era. It is a land of palaces, forts and havelis which were when the abodes of the raja-maharajas and no other destination in the world can surpass Rajasthan in terms of cultural heritage. Now majority of the palaces, forts and havelis of Rajasthan have been converted into heritage hotels to provide tourists a great encounter. Some portions of these fantastic structures are still occupied by the royal households.

Theses heritage hotels are major attractions of Rajasthan tourism and attract tourists from all over the world. Visitors who wish to knowledge the lifestyles of the kings of the bygone era need to strategy a keep at these heritage hotels which have been when the royal abodes of the kings and queens. These provide perfect opportunity to encounter royalty at its best. The rooms in these hotels are decorated like a palace. The conventional and royal decorations, warm hospitality, delicious cuisine and cultural events in no way fail to mesmerize its guests. Some of the most popular heritage hotels of Rajasthan are Lake Palace in Udaipur, Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, Ram Bagh Palace in Jaipur, Ajit Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, Devigarh Palace I Devigarh and Fort Rajwada.

Lake Palace is amongst the most common and most enchanting Rajasthan Hotels which was constructed in 1746 by Maharana Jagat Singh II. This hotel is the synonyms of luxury and comfort blended. It is benchmark for the warm hospitality, globe-class services, and imperial facilities. The majesty of this hotel lies in its Manak Mahal (Ruby Palace), Sheesh Mahal (Palace of mirrors), Dilkusha Mahal’ (Palace of Joy) and Chini Chitrashala.

Umaid Bhawan is an amazing piece of architecture, this heritage hotel is amongst the greatest Rajasthan hotels to catch the glimpses of the royal era. Lies on Chittar Hill, it got its name from Maharaja Umaid Singh who constructed the palace. Constructed in the Indo-Art-Deco style, the hotel speaks volume about is fabulous interiors that make it among the renowned heritage hotels of India.

Devigarh Palace is a five-star deluxe heritage hotel located in the village of Delwara. This 18th century heritage hotel is situated close to the Aravali hills of Rajasthan. Constructed in 1760, Devigarh Palace delivers immense luxury and royalty to its guests. The hotel comprises 39 properly-furnished suites which are embellished with marble and semi-valuable stones. Staying in this hotel is a royal expertise in itself.

Rambagh Palace is 1 of the finest hotels in Jaipur which was built as hunting lodge in 1835. Later it is converted to heritage hotel which becomes the synonyms of luxurious hospitality. This hotel is spread over an area of 47 acres and recognized for its 106 effectively equipped rooms with all the contemporary facilities. The style, decorations and services of this hotel reminds the glory of royal era of yesteryears.

Lalgarh Palace is the contribution of King Ganga Singhji to Bikaner. Built in 1902, the Lalgarh Palace presents a blend of Rajput, Muslim and European designs of architecture. The exquisite Rajput exteriors coupled with beautifully carved red stone walls add appeal to the palace. On your trip to Rajasthan, the palace brings to you a truly heritage feel.

The Ajit Bhawan Palace is a single of the most famous heritage hotels situated in Jodhpur. This hotel was specially constructed for the Maharaja Ajit Singhji. Lavishly decorated, Ajit Bhawan facilitates its guests a comfortable keep with contemporary amenities. This heritage hotel is also famous for the warm hospitality and personalized gracious service.

These hotels are the large residences of the erstwhile rulers and are counted amongst the well-liked Rajasthan Attractions exactly where you can live amidst luxury. Some of the heritage hotels also organize traditional dance and music performances and puppet shows particularly for the guests. The beautifully painted walls and ceilings, meticulously etched glasses, mirror operate, period furniture, refreshing gardens, wonderful pavilions and enormous courtyards of the heritage hotels will certainly impress you to the hilt.