HERMES large antique auction-chanel handbags

Love people HERMéS not received the economic crisis,wholesale Prada Handbags according to Bain & Co. Sales Company statistics show that, despite the economic crisis, sluggish sales of luxury goods, and sales fell 8% this year, but sales have HERMéS steadily, especially in its core products – Kelly bag and the Birkin bag even in the most serious economic crisis, when sales volume is still not diminished. Artcurial auction recently held twice a year HERMéS products auction, a total of 631 successful auction of goods, turnover reached 824,206 euros, more than the May auction of 725,101 euros and create a new record.

Auction was a lot of retro products, from the legendary Hermés silk scarf to riding boots, but mostly, handbags, accounting for 2 / 3. Most of these products are unique in the market can not buy a commemorative collection.

At auction last year, more than 160 million dollars spent to buy a Birkin bag of Michael Tonello, specifically sold at auction this year to go. He commented HERMéS “is not only fashionable, but also an investment.”

The resale of HERMéS can be traced back before World War II, offering luxury second-hand store Peter Nitz recalled that at the time, the color can be rare Birkin bag prices 40% higher than the original price.

However, HERMéS company trading in used products bite at arm’s length, are not involved, which,wholesale Louis Vuitton Handbags HERMéS company also declined comment.

At that time, the object of luxury goods group take aim, the United States and Japan. In China, only Hong Kong and the mainland coast of sporadic trading company operating luxury brands, some brands even smuggled into mainland China through the upper class, people who really know these brands are not many. Anne in the international tourism industry, told the “China News Weekly” reporter, “In 1989 a friend sent a Louis Vuitton bag, I looked at the color of old-fashioned, hands to give the nanny. When the price of a high know it only after the hand from the nanny in to the back. “

Until the 1990s, relying on a foreign background of five-star hotel, a luxury only foothold into China’s mainstream society. The Peninsula Beijing The Peninsula Hong Kong shopping arcade in accordance with the model, the hotel’s ground floor and second floor turned into a boutique gallery and start selling high-end goods. August 8, 1991, the Zegna boutique gallery opened in China’s first luxury goods outlets, the person must use to purchase foreign exchange certificates (FEC). At that time in the hotel industry, Miss Zhang Chaoyang told the “China News Weekly.” “At that time, not the foreigners out of five-star hotel, is respectable people.”

Opening day, Charles Zhang, accompanied by British friends to buy a tie, 600 yuan in foreign exchange certificates. “Expensive, but very special. Then the clerk told us, Ermenegildo Zegna tie-line with your policies, so that people will be able to distinguish one brand to look at.”

Identify the characteristics more clearly with Louis Vuitton’s unique LOGO. In 1992, wholesale Juicy Handbags is also “underground palace” opened its first store in Mainland China. In 1993, Burberry figure appeared at the Shanghai Hilton hotel.