Hidden South India – Discover Off-the-beaten Paths

The sprawling Kerala gives matchless natural beauty splendid Goa beaches feature adventures of a lifetime and pay a visit to to magnificent temples of Tamil Nadu let you knowledge matchless spiritualism and breathtaking arts &amp cultures. Even so, beyond these obvious tourism gems of South India, there are some hidden treasures too exploring them is an unforgettable experience. Strategy check out to off-the-beaten paths in South India, and you get your travel appetite satisfied to the core.

Chennai: The gateway to the south, Chennai is a place that pampers you with scintillating scenery and healing ambience of tranquility and romance. Picturesque terrains and beaches are wonderful for these who simply want gorgeous photographs. However, there is a lot more to gather than just excellent images. History of this gorgeous city is quite interesting nicely-depicted by temples and historical monuments in/around Chennai. Head on to Mahabalipuram, and discover globally acclaimed temples and landmarks pertaining to excellent Hindu deities. Moreover, fine points of Indo-Saracenic architecture, planet-class Chennai hotels and alluring traditions &amp cultures are other highlights of a Chennai tour.

Kanchipuram: 1 of the oldest cities in India, Kanchipuram is renowned as the “City of Thousand Temples”. Splendid past of this city can mesmerize any person. Kanchipuram was ruled by a number of respected dynasties including Cholas, Pallavas and empire of Vijaynagar. Numerous monuments and temples constructed by these dynasties adorn the city.

The city is renowned for its higher high quality of silk and silk-produced items, especially saris and fabrics. Lively markets in Kanchipuram offer a range of hand-woven silk fabrics and saris ready by skilled weavers. Locxal cultures &amp cuisines are also exciting to taste in Kanchipuram. Some well-liked attractions for travelers are Vedantangal Birds Sanctuary, Muttukkadu, Mammalappuram, Covelong Beach, Sri Ekambareswara Temple, Sri Kailasanathar Temple and Sri Vardaraja Perumal Temple.

Kodaikanal: This is the most lovely hill station in Tamil Nadu. Situated at an altitude of about 7,200 feet in popular Palani Hills, Kodiakonal boasts breathtaking scenery coupled with salubrious weather year-round. What Kodaikanal literally implies in nearby language is ‘the gift’. And truly, this place is a gift from Mother Nature becoming heavenly gorgeous surrounded by dense forests featuring enchanting flora &amp fauna, beautiful green hills and cascading waterfalls. Besides the gorgeous natural beauty, this spot delivers the visitors with a variety of thrilling activities like cycling, horse riding, boating and trekking. Splendid Kodaikanal hotels supply the tourists a outstanding stay in the lap of nature and luxury.

Alleppey: Fondly called the “Venice of East”, owing to its wonderful fusion of land and water. Splendid lagoons, scintillating lakes and canals are premium attractions for travelers. Nevertheless, heart-touching scenery of coconut palms, laid-back traditions &amp cultures and mesmeric houseboat ride leave the guests enchanted at the finish. With an superb port along Malabar Coast, Alleppey was after the busiest port in South India. This lovely town established on a narrow land spit, Alleppey cast a magical spell with unsurpassed all-natural beauty and cool climatic conditions. Sparkling lagoons, palm-fringed backwaters, sandy beaches, houseboat keep and boat races are main attractions in Alleppey.
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