High Chairs Let the Baby Be Part of Family Dining

Normally high chairs are used for children who can sit steadily without support and have started on their solid foods.

High chairs come in all possible types and patterns. Choose a model that meets the needs of the baby in terms of comfort and space. Typically, high chairs are used for kids between 5-6 months who can sit in a chair and have started on solid foods.

Choosing the right high chairs need not be a kid’s play for many parents, as a number of features need to be borne in mind before finalising your choice.

High chairs have many kid friendly features including the reclining position that could be used for infants during bottle-feeding. Make sure to use high chairs for only those kids who can sit upright unassisted. The removable trays, toy pad and adjustable seat heights make the feeding hours less strenuous for the mothers. The waist and crotch straps secure children by not allowing them to stand up. The strong crotch bar keeps the little ones from sliding down, reducing the risk of strangulation.

Most high chairs will have removable dish washer trays that will help you to clean up the trays while the baby remain strapped securely on his chair. High chairs with wheels and braking mechanism is one of the most popular models among parents. A wide base is and a low center of gravity ensures better stability for the high chairs.

High chairs promise safety and comfort for your baby and give you peace of mind and you get along with your house hold chores. Make sure to fasten the security straps properly and if the chair is used properly your kid will be totally safe.

A 3-5 point restraint is a safe bet as it ensures the best possible safety for your kid. Single point restraint high chairs might not be a good choice as stability could be in stake. A good quality plastic, resin or wood would be the best options. Avoid metal chairs that might have sharp edges and corners, which could harm the baby. Last but not least, opt for a chair that has washable cover as it will help you to keep it clean and germ free after each feeding session.