High-end Mineral Water Warlords Financed By Foreign Capital Pma City – High-end Mineral Water, Evian

Formation of high-mineral water market, the business seems to have become a necessity, the face of increasingly rising China, foreign companies can open the Chinese people believe drinking the “high water” of consciousness, and to attract top people to become their faithful consumers of mineral water producers in China will continue to boost investment in domestic water tap water, mineral production of the original ecology of the water, mineral water with the strength and international manufacturer of high-end play against. Tibet’s mineral water

5100 Water is the source of life and health of this, and according to hydrological geographer’s estimate, the total water on Earth is approximately 1.38 billion cubic kilometers of fresh water only accounts for 2.5%, fit for human enjoyment is only 0.01% . With the eco- Environment The further deterioration of the health of water is becoming scarce goods. The United Nations World Water Assessment Report showed that almost all the rivers flowing through cities in Asia were contaminated, 40% of American River water is polluted, the European 55, only five water quality in rivers and unsatisfactory. Data provided by the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources, China currently has more than 70% of rivers and lakes with varying degrees of pollution. Shows the pressing shortage of drinking water is threatening people’s lives and health. Search for pure water, healthy water has become the focus of world attention.

“Evian Water” open the door to China’s high-end mineral water

Saying goes, “Where there is demand, there are always market” is pure drinking water to see the development potential, foreign companies already occupy high ground in the field of high-end mineral water, while in China, with the people, “Health Drinking water “Consciousness of upgrading, domestic businesses have begun to yard, looking for water source of pure water. Tibet glacier water source in 5100 who nearly extinct animal overstating Office 5100 meters, pure, rare, non-polluting, is the world’s one of the few resources available for mining one of the rare glacier. After millions of years of layers of leakage from the top of the snow glaciers, more than two million years ago to reach the Ice Age strata, then after 8 years deep underground loop, at the Millennium rock layer and the constant grinding sharp gravel, the repeated leaking, tribological, long years, before establishing the now full of superb mineral water mineral essence. In contrast, typical of the Tibetan glaciers 5100 and produced in the French Alps, Evian mineral water to be comparable, the Alps are the source of Evian water from mountain snowmelt and rain in the Alps mountain hinterland after 15 years of natural filtration and mineralization glacier sand formed Evian water. The same glacier water, produced in different latitude and longitude, has let the world envy.

Draft of Evian water, people rely on natural water sources is immense treasure. Evian mineral water manufacturers to the surrounding villages will be organized to form an association called APM, funded by the Association to protect the soil, to encourage tree planting. Special provisions for the Government of France, Evian water source within 500 km around, and not to the existence of any man-made pollution. Drag these measures to ensure the Evian mineral water 200 years of quality and taste remain basically unchanged. Evian mineral water in the global promotion strategy, to ensure the water quality in the case, unimpeded. In addition to over Evian mineral water, Evian Spa is the only natural hot springs isotonic. In 1824, the first spa in Evian to establish. In 1902, a special day spa was established, and in 1984 converted to SPA, the center of Evian water balance. Visitors can relax in the massage bathtub, a professional massage therapist to conduct all-round according to the site of pain massage. Aquaculture structures, Evian people to treasure the gift of God. Operation with the international brand lines, Evian brand quickly spread worldwide penetration force, in 1991 by the Danone Group all, Danone took over the operation of several water brands, are not successful, Evian is the world’s four Large mineral water brands in China have suffered some embarrassment, but manufacturers are still optimistic about China, Evian mineral water brand leader in the Chinese brand is defined as: “I hope that customers will drink is a way of life , not to drink mineral water, but drink Evian. “drink Evian mineral water drink out of life, drinking out of taste, this is the unique feature of the Evian.

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DIY Water Well Drilling

We use a lot of water for cleaning fish, washing boats, washing cars, the garden, the lawn, etc, etc… So we decided to drill/wash down our own well. I had been reading and studying about this for several years. We finally undertook this adventure. We had a few problems, but overall things went better than I had expected.

I would like to acknowledge Mr. Mike Willis at http://www.drillyourownwell.com/index.htm for his amazing website. I basically learned everything we did from reading his site and watching his videos. Thanks, Mike!

We ended up at 43 feet. The water is clear, clean with no sediment or off tastes. We are currently waiting on the lab report to ensure the water is potable. …I don’t want to be drinking something that has contaminates in it…the reason for the test! Better safe than sorry.