High-pressure Water Mist System In Metro – A High-pressure Water Mist System, Rail Transport – Fire

Abstract: Urban Rail Transit subway and light rail and other public passenger transport system in many cities are building and development, which has a great volume is a wide range of features. Event Fire , Will cause irreparable economic losses and social impacts. Building a harmonious society in national requirements and promotion of innovative technology background, the need to increase subway service quality, improve subway safety. In addition to water mist article described Fire extinguishing system Applications in the Metro with the conditions and requirements, also according to the experience made comparison with other fire extinguishing systems, analysis applications, the problems and proposed solutions, demonstrate both the efficiency of the system has Energy And applied to the MTR.

Keywords: Water mist; fire extinguishing system; Metro; application

Urban rail transit in the metro and light rail and other public passenger transport system, as a large capacity, high efficiency, low pollution and other advantages, and with the rapid economic and population growth, the city subway and light rail construction and development of will be more and more attention. Currently have been built or are building subway and light rail in the city are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan, Shenyang and Harbin. Metro is an integrated Transportation System, which involves more than professional, technical and complex, system security and reliability is very important, especially to set fire prevention and fighting system. To prevent the outbreak and spread of fire is particularly important.

Water mist fire extinguishing system is a new technology to prevent fire fighting, major projects abroad and in the wider application of the MTR. In the domestic part of Shanghai Metro Line also applied. But the country still in use most of the metro Heptafluoropropane (HFC 1 227ea) or inert gas (IG541) Gas Fire System to protect the station control room, communications, signal mechanical rooms, power distribution room and other important electrical equipment room. However, gas fire extinguishing agent is expensive, easy to leak, construction investment and operating costs are relatively high error injection system after another and will also adversely affect the environment. Therefore, Environmental protection More and more attention today, it is necessary to explore a kind of consistent with environmental protection requirements, but also reduce investment and new fire fighting system of water resources.

1. Principles of water mist fire extinguishing systems and

Water mist fire suppression technology began in the mid-20th century 50. Early research focused on fire suppression mechanism and droplet sizes Parameters. Because at the same time efficient Extinguishing agent The emergence of halon 1211 and 1301, making water mist fire extinguishing technology research was stranded down. Until the 80’s, fire extinguishing agents has damaging effects on the ozone layer is gradually attracted people’s attention. 1987 “on the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer,” signed, water mist fire extinguishing technology as the main halon alternatives, one of which received wide attention and favor, once again become a hot research. 90 20th century, water mist technology has been leaps and bounds. Currently, there are nearly 50 institutions in research, development, water mist fire extinguishing technology. Practice has showed that water mist fire extinguishing system capable of halon alternative fire extinguishing systems, and for some of the traditional fire fighting techniques can not be applied in the areas of new fire protection.

Which water mist system, the whole room applications (total compartmentapplication) method and gas total flooding fire extinguishing system, a different way. For gas extinguishing systems, fire extinguishing agent because of gas diffusion characteristics, ask that it be filled with any part of the enclosed space, that is 100% of the space filled with extinguishing agent. Water mist fire extinguishing system, fire fighting under this application mainly rely on water evaporation, cooling and inerting fire environment. As the room space size, opening size and scale of the different fire-fighting time will vary.

Partition application is usually to reduce the total flooding system, water and indoor area protection, fire fighting was mainly due to the fuel gas cooling or wetting and cooling and inerting fire environment.

Aimed at protecting local applications for protection of individual objects, water mist fire directly to the protection of objects or parts of injection. BOLA TANGKAS
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