High Price Per Kilogram Of 800 Beef Cattle, “lifetime” Oil Massage Every Day

In Pingyin, there was a name of “super- Ox “The ranch, the cattle here to listen to music, eat Chicken Eggs, sleep “soft bed”, rose oil massage every day to do, but also the purity of drinking warm water. Compared with normal cattle, where cattle can be said to live like an immortal. Where sky-high price of beef has sold the most expensive 800 yuan per kg meat.

There is a saying that “casting pearls before swine??? Know nothing about,” meant to cow unreasonable temperament. The cattle ranch was listening to music every day, understand?

Not only music but also listen to String

10 points yesterday, walked into this pasture, beautiful violin music transfer your ear. Ranch General Manager Xieliang Jia said: “Do not misunderstand ah, this music is not welcome song of the cow doing massage.”

Every morning, cattle to massage for two hours. At this point, the workers took the massage, massage with rose oil to cattle. Cattle slightly close your eyes, body eyes on the side of workers, seems like a very enjoyable, and sometimes take the initiative to extend past the neck, meaning “neck should enjoy.” Xieliang Jia said the two-hour massage morning, afternoon, an hour’s music in a relaxed, the massage can make muscle growth, better meat quality.

Xieliang Jia told reporters, Japan Cattle Technology is the world’s top, according to research, cattle prefer to listen to string, get up, eat, sleep, massage, exercise, rest of the time in listening to music, different music in different activities, such as getting up to listen to piano music, massage has to listen to Violin music, etc..

The cow is not understood music, Xie Liangjia about an experience: cattle generally 6 am quietly listening to music to get up one morning, the cattle ranch suddenly call up, he Pool eye a watch 6:15, workers forgot to play music. “Resident may not believe that is not here, but it is true.”

Not dare to name it ox

The ranch, cattle sleep is straw, sawdust and so paved the soft bed. Soft bed and biological enzymes, can be decomposed cow dung, urine, cow dung as fertilizer after treatment. Therefore there are no odor.

The entrance of each barn are hanging a blackboard on which was written as “8009 eat well, feed dry yeast film” This prompts. Each cow has a number, have their own manger and the basin, the implementation of “Dining System.”

Behind homes in Dallas, there is a separate barn, which lived to be called “boss” of the young bull, it met with the person who put his head over rub, treatment of eating an egg a week . Xieliang Jia said, October 2007 Ranch began operation, this is the first born at the ranch calves, because good shape, so reserved for species of cattle, only the name, usually do not get to the cow’s name, a live cattle to the ranch about two years, workers were sent to the slaughterhouse when they looked sad heart, could not bear to take the name of fear.

Of “precision farming” into Jinan

Xieliang Jia is a Taiwanese in the past for his computer business. Ranch is also the chairman of Du Yiming the people of Taiwan to the mainland two years, and opened a chemical factory. Both of them and nothing to do with agriculture and animal husbandry.

Du Yiming said that he had work in Japan, that Japanese technology is the world’s top cattle. In 2006, a Japanese friend told him that the cattle of Korea, well, that is cattle, he went to Shandong to find cattle and found really true. So he had made it into “high-quality agriculture,” the idea. He then selected Pingyin Takanao, built a ranch here, from Japan to provide technical support.

Ranch each barn are now installed with cameras, Japan’s technical staff can see here in Japan, cattle farm situation and advise farmers. “‘Quality agriculture’, green is a trend of the future, people need better food. In Japan, cattle raising is an industry, from the selection calf, cattle to the beef cut, every process has a dedicated facility responsible, but now we have to be responsible for the whole. tasted experts said after Japan, where beef is the top of the. “Du Yiming said, now in its infancy and not counted Cultivation Cost, fear of sleep.

Xieliang Jia said that before his computer business, and dealing with people, and now cattle, and cattle dealing, life becomes very happy, “I want my child in the future to test Animal Husbandry Professional and very fun. “

High price of beef sold to “Salon”

Cows comfortable, the meat looks good, prices are naturally high, the most expensive beef sold for 800 yuan per kg, the cheapest 200 yuan per kilogram should be 600 yuan, boneless, beef shoulder and other parts of the meat price 120 yuan per kg, in Jinan can be described as expensive.

Jinan many restaurant here especially to this ranch, but the face of such high prices, are backing out. Cattle farm is always open for business, for sales of beef, super cow pasture in Jinan city opened a namesake restaurant dishes of beef, homegrown. Xie Liangjia start a restaurant manager, said: “People of my calf from a selection, cattle, slaying oxen, and has done a restaurant selling beef, I am afraid not many.”

Xieliang Jia said that under the traditional environment than raising cattle, “high-quality agriculture,” cultivated under the concept of a better quality of beef meat in unsaturated fatty acids than saturated fatty acids, in Japan known as the “good Jade”, the price is about three to four times here.

Xieliang Jia and his team also explored, such as gift boxes made of beef sales, but to do “precision farming” process is very long, very weak from their goals.

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