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Initially, the consumer is concerned about the quality of the beverage itself, but now also beginning to focus outside beverages Package . PET bottle preform quality depends on the quality of supply, when the preform injection molding is divided into two, a long plastic mouth, another is a short plastic mouth. Domestic manufacturers to use shorter preform plastic jar more embryos, while the foreign population of more use long rubber. Long plastic preform mouth because I was cut off the bottom of the gel, in the blowing process, to set uniform tension, so the quality will be better blowing bottle, cut off another part can be recycled, this will help save Raw material Cost, Oil Increasing scarcity of resources today, domestic manufacturers will be more inclined to the mouth of a long plastic preform. Preform in the production process quality control depends on the bottle embryo in the course of transmission to avoid scratching the degree of control.

High quality PET bottle from preform
PET (polyester) bottles in the development of China is only 10 years time, hot-fill PET bottles in China much shorter history, only six years or so, but the fierceness of the development, over a large Most of the other containers. As we all know, Tea , Juice Drinks are drinks the focus of development, most of which use PET containers are hot-fill bottles, and the proportion of the growing trend. PET bottles for the general production process: injection into a heated preform preform was a longitudinal extension of a horizontal stretch blowing molding. If the production process of the final forming shape by mechanical cooling, the PET bottles in use once the temperature of PET glass transition temperature (78 ) or so, its molecular chains will be relaxed, serious shrinkage of the bottle, so that species is only suitable for cold filling beverage bottles. The hot-fill bottle shape in the process of drawing process, always in a higher temperature (140 or so), PET molecular chains in the relaxed state of being high-temperature setting, the last bottle had a lot of neat, dense end product , end products can reach 30% ~ 45%, so that the bottle had a higher heat resistance and become practical significance of hot-fill bottles.

Most domestic manufacturers are now on Preform conveyor with belt conveyor, which is a relatively old method of transportation technology. Disadvantage of this transmission is as follows:

Preform Injection Molding Machine came out, the temperature at 45 ? 55 . Straight into the belt can cause bottle struck between embryos.

Also preform a belt disorderly pile up, when the preform is not very uniform cooling.
Preform out from the injection molding machine, there may be a single cavity injection into the embryo have quality problems with disorderly heaps hard to determine which cavity preform problems.

Preform injection molding machine in a mold cavity when the cavity may be formed, so disorderly arranged, if the injection of the cavity or under the number to count, count will be inaccurate.

Belt conveyor, bottle embryo quality control depends on human effort, above all, quality is difficult to control, followed by too much exposure and likely to cause pollution.

Are Japan, South Korea, China Taiwan region sequence commonly used by certain folder bottle preform the chain conveyor means. The production process is as follows:

Preform molding machine of a mouth robot glue machine out of all the preceding items a statement conveying a bottle end product machine a back-end delivery of a product Detector One count of packing equipment;

This delivery method has the following advantages:
1, robot removed from the preform injection molding machine, the location of each preform is numbered. Preform is removed by mechanical hands, not directly down to avoid scratching. Since each location has a number preform, when the embryo injection molding machine when problems arise, you can find out exactly what a cavity problem.

2, through the plate clamped preform neck chain to transport preform to preform a certain order according to order delivery. This makes preform cooling uniformity, ease of counting, every million counts preform within the error 5.

3, the whole Production Line Automated, with less number of personnel. BOLA TANGKAS