Higher voltage motor bearing burning accident

Row of powder machine is equipped with thermal power plant, the motor power of 220 kw, voltage is 6
Kv. Motor shaft extension end use 2322 e cylindrical roller bearing, the shaft extension 6322 deep groove ball bearings. In 2004, the operation of the motor shaft extension finish bearing temperature rise sharply, the colour of the oil bearing cover, accompanied by anxious burnt flavour of smoke. Operator on duty after downtime inspection discovered that the motor shaft extension end bearing burning, rotor, in the death of the motor SKF Bearing Introduction
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1 accident investigation soon after the accident, the maintenance personnel to the motor strip inspection, identified that: (1) combustion motor shaft extension finish bearing, bearing frame, roller badly worn, fall off, bearing outer ring neighborhood blue
(two) bearing chamber has apparent traces of put on, with deep crack (three) the rotor shaft of the internal and external oil cover knot, how deep grinding crack (4) the motor shaft extension finish bearing inner and outer cover to burn oil.
Right after the collapse of check, check motor upkeep records, found that change the motor bearings on each ends, two years ago. Replacement of bearings, motor shaft extension finish bearing and bearing housing tolerance matching issue, bearing a slight cylindrical phenomenon, but not for processing. Right after replacement of bearing, motor only added in February 2004, in addition, there is no repair history.
two trigger analysis (1) maintenance personnel continue to cylindrical bearing defects, lead to a fever, after burning bearing in the long run. (2) upkeep personnel failed to come on auto maintenance.
According to the requirement of the specification, gas cycle two, increased by 000 Common interval lubrication and continuous lubrication lubrication strategy, selection of sliding bearing lubrication, respectively is introduced as follows:
Interval lubrication is: the utilised oil can be injected directly into the bearing oil hole, lubricating oil frequently, or by the stress distribution kinds of oil cup figure eight and four (a), rotating shell oil cup figure eight and four (b), lubricating oil bearing on a normal basis. The above approach is mainly utilised for low speed, light load and the secondary. Grease lubrication, use is the only intermittent oil supply, as shown in figure 8, 4 (c) will be stored in oil, butter cup regularly rotate the lid, the pressure bearing grease, grease gun can also be added lubricant in the bearings.
Continuous oil lubrication, the needle valve type lubricating oil cup, as shown in figure eight-5 (a) using the manage manage the movement of the needle valve, make the oil hole closed or open, the adjusting nut to adjust the size of oil available. Lubricating oil core variety oil cup, as shown in figure eight-five (b) utilizing the yarn guide oil bearing capillary action. Oil ring lubrication, as shown in figure 8-5 (c) oil ring oil pool, when the rotation axis, oil into the oil bearing ring spinning. Splash lubrication employing rotating parts, such as gear rotating to splash about the surface of walls, and then by means of the oil scraper plate or proper groove bearing lubrication of oil imports. Some pressure of the injection stress lubricating oil pump oil bearing, can have enough oil lubrication and cooling the bearing. Continuous oil lubrication is more dependable.