Hilary Clinton Has Leveled Accusations that Barack Obama is Inexperienced Abroad

Hilary Clinton is back on the war path and back in the political fight, perhaps she has just had enough of the Song and Dance as she sees it. Barack Obama, has indeed danced his way into the deep pockets of the MoveOn.org PAC and danced into the media’s favorite candidate category, but now many are getting tired of the side show and would Barack Obama to answer some serious questions. If you will recall Barack Obama in one of the earliest presidential candidate debates stated that he would very soon after taking office go and visit Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Kim Jon Il and the President of Iran, whose name no one in the Western World can spell.

Many who understand the US Diplomacy Policies and the State Department strategies, were completely mortified by his statements and Hilary Clinton stated that such a notion was simply naïve. Indeed, it was a silly thing to say, but it puts question marks out there on Barack Obama’s inexperience abroad, which Hilary Clinton once again brought up recently. In fact, in looking at Barack Obama’s overseas and abroad travels, it appears to me that Hilary Clinton made a slight error in her accusations for Barack Obama’s lack of qualifications and inexperience.

It is not that Barack Obama is inexperienced abroad, but rather he has NO Experience abroad of any true value to running the US diplomacy policies. If we look at his prior statements at the first debate, you have to wonder, did he just make a mistake, slip of the tongue or does he have absolutely no clue as to what he is talking about. Surely, someone running for President of the United States has more experience than that? Well, those are my opinions on this issue, I sure would like to debate foreign policy on TV with Barack Obama, but I bet his handlers wouldn’t like the results.