Hindu Matrimonial in India

Many books and religious scriptures claim that Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world. Even the whole world is aware about its rich culture. In the Hindu dharma, marriage is a huge occasion; and many people define it as the bond, which is tied in front of the whole society and forms the purest bond between the men and the women. In Hindu culture, matrimonies are considered to be the most important stage in the life of a human being. It is the biggest responsibility, which the bride and groom are supposed to take in their life time. Hindu matrimonies have different types and with changes in the time period have adopted the changing methodologies and little bit variation in the rituals and ceremonies.


Marriage is a very sweet and a delicate bond, which needs a lot of care and adjustment to keep the strength of the bond alive.  Hindu marriages are arranged by parents and they try to find the perfect and the most compatible match for their son or daughter. The selection of the life partner for their children is done on the basis of various factors like, best personal qualities, educational qualification, and the social status of the prospective bride or groom. In Hindu matrimonies, people have a strong belief in marrying their children in the same caste because of the concept of reincarnation, according to which the karma of the human being keeps the caste system of Hinduism alive.


The Hindu matrimonies generally take place at the house of the Hindu bride, where the house is decorated in a very grand way. The wedding house is magnificently decked with different things like flowers, lightening, ribbons, and many other decorative materials. These days’ marriages are generally arranged somewhere out, preferably in a wedding hall, or in an open place covered with tents. The grandness and the extravagancy with which the marriages in India are celebrated witness the importance and the pride the family of the bride and the groom take in marrying their children. In the Hindu culture it is in fact an imperative responsibility for the parents of the bride to get her married and give away to a responsible and a compatible match to take care of her for the rest of the life.


The Hindu bride wears a very beautiful red color lehanga or saree. The color or the design of the attire for the wedding can differ these days, due to the launch of the new wedding collection every day. There are hundreds of wedding designers in the country, which specializes and helps the bride and groom to dress perfectly for the most amazing day of their life. Other than dress designers, there are wedding planners, jewelry designers, etc which help the marriage take its traditional look and makes the work easy for the Hindu bride and Hindu groom and their families.  A large number of people are invited in the Hindu matrimonies and almost all other type of marriages. Relatives, friends, forms an important part of the occasion and showers their blessings on the couple for their long and happy married life.


Marriage of a son or the daughter is the biggest day in the life of every parent, whether it’s Hindu matrimony, Punjabi, Muslim or any other. The feelings and the emotions of the parents towards their children remain the same and they always want to see them happy and pray for their happy future. Certain practices like dowry system have started getting demolished from the society, which is a very positive sign for the growth and the refinement of the mindset of the people of country.