History Of Crime In Denver

Crime prevails in every city of the world as where every people live, there are criminals too. The city of Denver is no different than any other city in the world in this matter. The only difference in this sector of the city are the crime rates, that is, in some places the crime rate is way too high, while in the other cities it is average or very low. It all depends upon the effectiveness of the police department and other department that are related with gathering up the criminals.

The Crime in Denver had been tracked by the Denver Police Departments Bureau of Records since the beginning of the 20th century. In simpler words, no written record regarding the crimes is found before 20th century. Gangs are common in the city; however, beside this problem the city faced a major violent crimes problem in late 1960s. The number of murders peaked in the 1974 and 1992. After that the number of murders started to decrease while finally in 2002 the city hit its lowest murder rate.
In the year 1916, 198 homicides were reported by the police department. The crime was not much when compared to other American cities; however, it was quite high when compared with the European countries. As mentioned before the increase in violent crime was seen in late 1960, with the increase in gang numbers and other individual criminals.

The crimes committed were mostly, rape, murders, kidnapping and then killing the victim after receiving ransom money etc. 970 murders were recorded in the city during 1974 and the death rate was calculated as 29 people per 100,000. Then later on in the year 1992 such high murder rates was seen again when the total number of murders reached 943. After the 1992, the police started taking strict actions against the criminals and with the time the number of murders started to decrease and in 1999 only 705 murders were recorded.
The Denver reached the lowest total homicide rate, that is, 448 homicides, by following the crime fighting techniques presented to them in 2004 by Los Angeles and New York City Police Department. The murder rate increased in the year 2005 and 2006 again, even though an overall decrease in the criminal activities can be seen in these years. The police department report records a decrease from over 70% to fewer than 60% in murder rate, since 1974 to 2005.

In the year 2005 75% of the murder took place due to the firearms and 11% happened as a result of stabbing. A more detailed and precise report can be found on the internet with lots of statistical data regarding the murder rates in the year 2005 and so on. Since the time Denver was first born, the police department has undergone many changes to improve its performance. Special trained officers are hired for the job along with that for security measures, the department issued a proposal to install security cameras in the buildings and ban an un-authorized user from having guns. In addition to that the department was further broken down in much specific departments to deal with a specific problem to improve efficiency.