History of Football and Soccer

Nicely, the history of football is as interesting and suspicious as the game itself where predicament can be changed at any time. Just like any other game there are distinct theories and various claims with this game as properly, but consensus seems to be in the favor of 19thy century when football was established as a game as it is becoming played in the modern days. The origins of diverse ball games can be found in virtually each civilization. Even in the modern globe football, rugby, soccer etc. are some of the famous ball games. Even as of these days, possibly football is the most well-known game that is played all through the world.

It is also debated that history of football dates back to as early as 1800 BC when a well-known ball game was played by Egyptian folks. Some other people are of the opinion that ball games were also played in Ancient China as early as 2500 BC. Comparable claims can be found in some other civilizations and nations such as Greek, Romans and so on. No matter what game was played and in what type, but it wasn’t till the late 19th century when this game took the present shape. All other ball games could be considered as the forerunners to the modern day football game.

As far as origins are concerned, it is strongly believed that contemporary day football was derived from the English game of rugby. Football or a lot more popularly identified as American football was started in 1879 by Walter Camp who was a renowned football player and coach at Yale University. There will not be any exaggeration if we treat Walter as the father of modern football due to his contribution to this game and its guidelines. He was born in April 17, 1859, in New Haven, Connecticut. Later, for his studies he attended Yale University from 1876-1882 and in the course of this period he contributed a lot to this game. Generally he was a student of medicines and business.