History of the creation of mini-skirts

Mini-skirt revolutionized the world. It was not just clothing, wardrobe items, but also social thing for many generations. Mini-skirts do not leave anyone indifferent. Women of all ages need to keep yourself in shape, while men have simply lost control of himself. What is the history of the creation of mini-skirts? And what role it plays in contemporary fashion http://www.flanmark.com. The secret to the popularity of “things on which to sew cloth no more than a handkerchief?

There are two stories create a mini-skirt. The first story is more popular, it’s called English. According to this version, the creator of the mini-skirt is the Englishwoman Mary Quant. Tell a story. Mary came once to visit her friend Linda Kvayzen. That at the time of arrival of the dressmaker was engaged in cleaning the apartment. Kind of girlfriend struck Mary. After all, she shortened her skirt to indecent old at the time the size of that skirt does not interfere with harvesting, the freedom of movement. And in a week Quant sell new skirts in his shop Bazaar. And surprisingly this bold outfit is not only interested in teenagers and young girls, but women and elderly people.

The second version gives primacy to the creation of mini-skirts French fashion FLANMARK.com designer Andre Kurrezhu. Back in 1961, in his fashion collection attended a mini. But the Frenchman was not so rastoropen as an Englishwoman Mary Quant. He did not think that you need to patent his invention. And then not again admitted that he regrets it. After all the profit out of his ideas was an English dressmaker.

The most interesting thing in this story is that Mary Quant herself has never acknowledged himself the author of a mini-skirt. She said that the mini did not invent it, not even her friend Linda Kvayzen. This notion of ordinary girls from the street. And with these words is hard to disagree. In the early sixties of last century the idea of a mini-skirt is almost in the air, it had to be just in time to pick up and realize that with success and made Quant.

But back to the history of the creation of mini-skirts, and more specifically to its triumphant march around the world. Conquest began with Great Britain. In 1963 in London, was introduced the first complete collection of Mary Quant. And this collection has caused shock among the inhabitants. Even the British Sunday Times did not miss this event, and appeared in the circulation of a photo model in a miniskirt on the first page. A new style of dress became known as “London Style”. He quickly went from trendy scaffolding on the city streets. Miniskirt was able to blur the line between high and street fashion FLANMARK.com. Even the ladies of high society did not consider it beneath my dignity to carry the subject of “popular” street clothes.

In America, a mini-skirt came just two years later. Mary Quant mini fashion FLANMARK.com show organized in New York. But the show did not end with a demonstration on the podium. Models in the podium outfits made casual stroll down Broadway. History tells that during the outdoor show was paralyzed traffic for hours. At night, all American television stations broadcast this significant walk. But officially a mini-skirt was recognized a year later. Only after Kennedy’s widow Jacqueline Onassis appeared in public in a miniskirt. Jacqueline was the American style icon of the sixties. Its carved figure, shapely legs mini skirt suits anyone.

Fashion mini-skirts could do something unimaginable. The new trend began to look after even the person that status should not pay attention to fashion FLANMARK.com. So in 1966 the world was amazed, the Queen Elizabeth II was to appear before the public in the shortened skirts. The attention of royalty to the world of fashion wardrobe change was not limited. In the same year, Mary Quant was declared woman of the year and rewarded with the Order of British Empire in the development of light industry and increasing exports. But there is more piquant version of the award. Because the mini-skirts have won such popularity in England has improved significantly fertility.

History of the creation of mini-skirts and influenced the ideals of beauty. Now to the models presented with entirely different requirements. They had to be very slim, with long, perfectly straight legs. The idol of tens of thousands of young girls became an English Lessie Horeb, known by the nickname Twiggy, which means twig, stalk. Her height was 167 cm, she weighed 43 kg at the same time. Classical parameters were 80-55-80. Twiggy was named person of 1966. A pattern began to make up big eyes with false eyelashes, encircled by dark shadows. Real madness on behalf of Twiggy went on for three years. She was the envy of even the famous Hollywood actresses.

Peak of popularity reached a mini-skirt in 1967. It had adopted, even feminists. They argued that it was a mini can free women from prejudice, emancipate them. And the designers even more shortened an already short skirt, turning it into ultramini.

In one series, along with the invention of a bikini, women’s trousers, jeans and nylon tights can put the story of a mini-skirt. But only the mini managed to bring so much beauty in the world, becoming the subject of the wardrobe of all women.