Hockeyan Ideal Sport To Keep Fit

Few people can resist the temptation of delicious foods especially during some festival days, so it is not easy to have a nice figure or keep fit. No matter you are a woman or a man, having a nice figure is a hot topic you can hear anywhere discussed by people. Nice figure is very important for health and appearance. In October and November, people often go out and have a big meal to celebrate festivals, so it is harder to lose weight.

But which is the ideal sport for men then? I think the hockey is a good choice. Because most of men pay attention on how to build muscles rather than reduce weight. They often choose authentic hockey jerseys in their daily hockey training. So some strong and competitive sport like hockey is helpful. The frequent swinging can make their arms more firm and stronger. And the quick running and collision will consumer the redundant fat. The biggest difference between women and men is that men cannot just reduce weight. They need to change the fat into muscles, as the slim men are not very attractive. In a sense, it is difficult to keep fit for men. They should do more exercise for a long time, but it is not easy to get weight after they build muscles. God is equal to everyone!

So it is necessary to take some exercise except for reasonable diet. And the different sports are suitable for different people certainly. For women, wearing
cheap authentic jerseys to play hockey is difficult, but swimming is the best sport which should be recommended. If you are able to swim, you will have a great body; even if you cannot swim, you will lose weight just by playing in the water. There are several reasons why swimming can reduce weight.

First of all, swimming will consume large amounts of energy. Because the resistance of water is bigger than air’s, so you will feel tired even you just walk in the water. At the same time, the water’s thermal conduction is better than air, so it is good for heat dissipation and consuming energy. Playing hockey by wearing cheap hockey jerseys is very tired. Moreover, swimming can avoid the damage of lower limbs and waist. When some fatty people do weight reducing exercise on the land, their bodies especially the lower limb and waist will bear heavy load. So people will feel tired easily and their interest becomes less. While if they swim in the water, some parts of weight are support by buoyancy. So their waist and lower limbs will fell easy.