Home Appliances Business, “diversification” I Dare Go? – Haier Refrigerator, Skyworth Flat

Specialization or diversification of all domestic and foreign enterprises have been facing in the development of a choice, the Chinese home appliance industry is also true. From Haier

Refrigerator To Washing machine Air conditioning And even medicine, real estate, to the Konka in 2008 announced the expansion of high-profile size refrigerator, not difficult to see, in the Chinese home appliance industry, growing up, all hope was strong support for diversity and achieve breakthrough. Then, the “diversification” development road can bring the Gospel to do business? Chinese home appliance industry “diversity” how to develop? Lu Renbo appliance expert analysis from each of the following three aspects.

From Skyworth “Black plus White” appliances industry “Diversification”

Early in the 2008 conference on New Skyworth Skyworth first introduced its products to OEM form, “Skyworth” brand refrigerator. At this point, Skyworth become the

Hisense White Kelong, Changhong and Meiling acquisition, TCL Toshiba followed by a joint cut into the refrigerator industry in China’s domestic first-line

TV Enterprise. Similarly, by microwave Galanz started out in the same period also announced a march, including refrigerators, washing machines, including domestic

White Market, “fought,” white market seems to be the new trend of Chinese home appliance industry.

Black enterprise Small appliances Business enterprises have fought in white only Chinese home appliance industry, the phenomenon of “diversity” development stage, before the emergence of a number of its appliance business into automotive electronics,

Mobile Behavior, etc. belong to the same phenomenon, this phenomenon is a true profit maximization embodiment. According to the present market situation, income in the household appliances industry, shrinking the larger environment in general, black appliances industry as a whole increased profits fell, while the white goods industry is still maintained a relatively steady growth. Therefore, the surface, involved in white power “diversification” development model seems to be a black business, small home appliances business to find another way, more in line with the concept of sustainable development.

This, the appliance expert Lu Renbo that diversification, as the company broadened its ideas, its original business philosophy, relying on the inherent cultural brand, sales channels, loyal customers and other resources, fast to market to enhance market share, to achieve profits. In theory, a wide range of development model for China’s household electrical appliance enterprises in the home appliance giant transnational capital, technology, and management under multiple pressures to provide strong support, making enterprises under the pressure of strong competition in the market to achieve breakthrough. Therefore, the diversification of the domestic appliance business as being an effective way to grow their own, Haier, Midea, Hisense, TCL, Changhong, Konka, Galanz and other domestic famous enterprises have rushed to tap diverse.

Diversified development, “his excellent” or “harm than good?”

“Curved Shines on children, grad,” used to describe the household appliances industry, diversification of more relevant. Appliance industry leading companies such as Haier, Hisense’s diversification to some extent, a great success for the enterprise market share, earned a profit, great strides of the walk at the forefront of the industry. But that does not mean that diversification is the household electrical appliance enterprises to grow and step out of the predicament of his excellent method, the effect lost Jingzhou, examples of miscues are not unusual. Leroy’s rapid diversification of a large expansion strategy was thunder at the time, but because of quick success, but also to Leroy was drowned; and have air-conditioning giant Oaks for the car project on the diversity of expansion, paid high tuition fees, all the way to prove the diversity has not been easy.

Therefore, more household appliances enterprises, diversification is not a resort. Even appliance giant Haier, which diversified the road is full of thorns, and is still in the stage of trial and error. Time to prove, Haier washing machines from the refrigerator to air conditioning is a wide range of success, and in time to see is more than rational impulse, different opinions, the actual operation is difficult. After a relatively long suffering, evaluated, today, some for the original decision, applauded. Not experience the so-called hard rain rainbow, not the original adventure and exploration, there is no Haier air conditioners, washing machines advantage of today’s industry.

Diversified businesses for many household appliances, like the one “Besieged City”: people who want to come inside, outside, people who want to go. BOLA TANGKAS