Home Appliances Going Up Foreign High

2010 first round

Bringing home appliances

Bid, in addition to all the cross outside of Sony consumer electronics giant were high-profile admission.

1 25, 26, two days, bringing home appliances product substantially increase the price ceiling after the first round of bidding will be opening in Beijing. “National Financial Weekly” reporter on the scene saw more than 500 full of on-site appliance company, this figure of 365 companies last year to upgrade more than three percent. A large number of increase due to limit access to home appliances to the countryside to the market 11 new products unveiled, including the current LED in the urban market in fashion


, Internet TV, 55 inch LCD screen and other high-end products.

Last only Sharp, Hitachi and


3 to participate in different, in addition to color TV to rural areas in 2009 had participated in the successful tender but not Sony, the TV almost all the foreign investment went to the scene competing bid preparation to the countryside.

Price ceiling increases

Foreign-funded enterprises in the tender,


The most tender product, a total of 5 color TV, respectively 22,26,32,40 and a 42-inch LCD

Plasma TV

; Panasonic products are 4 bids, including two 42-inch plasma; Philips LCD TV with 3 tender, Toshiba also has a 40-inch LCD bidding. In addition, Samsung, LG, Panasonic,


And other foreign brands also put in a refrigerator, washing machines and other white products.

Domestic TV attack again generous.


Total of 50 new TV bidding, Skyworth just below the 7,000 price ceiling of 6,999 yuan a dollar, 55-inch LCD TV launched,


, TCL also to 6990 yuan introduced products with specifications, Changhong is to launch 50-inch plasma TV.

A freezer Zhejiang He Jin told business executives, “Financial National Weekly” reporter in 2010 is his second bid, “Last year did not vote on the sale of at least less than peers by 30%.”

Home appliances to the countryside last year, and this is the explosive growth of the market as a microcosm. According to January 18 disclosure of information management system for home appliances to the countryside of the data, the year 2009, shipments of home appliances to the countryside total 92.45 million units, the amount of 162.8 billion yuan delivery; total sales of 37.68 million units, sales of 69.3 billion yuan .

Home appliances to the countryside in 2009, “Year One,” a smooth ending, the Ministry of Finance raised the ceiling price range of products: color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner and hanging cabinet air-conditioning limit were raised to 7000 yuan, 4,000 yuan, 3,500 yuan, 6,000 yuan and 3,500 yuan for the LED TV, inverter air conditioner to the countryside to make way gate.

Ovid consulting research director Li Ying that limit TV to rural areas to increase the promotion of sales will reach 100% of the air conditioning to the countryside to promote sales at around 20%.

“Flat-panel TV in 3500 yuan of foreign capital following products is small, but 7,000 is a lot less than the number of products, this policy adjustment is very conducive to foreign brands to occupy China’s rural market.” A domestic brand staff tender site said.

Samsung Electronics, a leader told the “Financial State Week” press, as in 2009 bringing home appliances products, price-cap so low, most foreign investment is not profitable and eventually give up the brand participation, but also a extent, means giving up the rural market.

“National Financial Weekly” reporter learned that the product opening?? That the manufacturers published product and price bidding, after winning the final set product catalog is expected to be announced before the Spring Festival. In accordance with the situation in 2009, eventually winning companies from bidding high probability.

Sony once again absent

1 26, opening near the end, still not see Sony’s side. BOLA TANGKAS
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