Home Canning – Frugal, Healthy, Convenient, Safe, Fun!


Now I know this is a debatable point…Someone is sure to say ” I shop warehouse stores and sales.” “My time is worth something”.

Yes it is time and labor intensive… Up front. But it is time well spent. Imagine the savings (in both time and money) throughout the year. You don’t have to purchase fruits, veggies, or canned meats. You preserve it yourself. It is all in your pantry.

Energy Saving – How much does it cost to run a freezer? How much does it cost to store things on a shelf? With canned foods whether it be meat, vegetables, fruits, jams or whatever. There is no energy usage in storage. Ones it is preserved, you are good to go. A little shelf space is all that is required. Short on Shelf Space. Get creative!

If you garden and grow your own foods, that just triples the savings. Don’t worry if you don’t have a garden. Use Farmers Markets and Community Supported Agriculture programs to provide the groceries you need.  U-pick farms are a great way to get out in the fresh air with the whole family. 


Compared to store bought foods, a pantry full of your garden fresh veggies has better flavor, color, texture and taste, and better nutrition.

It’s green!

Reusable packaging
No chemicals – do you really know what is in the processed foods you buy? 
Encourages the purchase of locally grown food.
Grow your own food
Go all organic if you prefer.

Special dietary needs are taken into account.

For most products leaving out the salt is totally safe and effective. Want fruit with no sugar added? No problem.

Home preserving supports a self-sufficient mentality. We live in a me first, service driven society…. We want what we want, when we want it. We don’t necessarily want to work for it. Is their an unhealthier attitude? I don’t think so!

Times are changing. People are taking a long hard look at their spending and daily habits. I think we could use a bit of self-evaluation when it comes to our lifestyles. That will healthier for ALL.


Convenience food consumes a huge portion of most family’s food budgets.

With a pressure canner you are able to prepare whole meals like chicken soup, stew, or ham ‘n beans. These make great quick meals with a much friendlier price tag.

Combine your jars of home canned food with a slow cooker. Put a roast in the crock pot, add some chopped onion, potatoes and carrots. Top with some onion soup mix or some beef bullion. Toss in a jar of stewed tomatoes. Let it simmer all day. Easy!

Here’s another. Dump a jar of home canned beans in the crock. Place some skinned, frozen chicken breasts on top, cover it all with a jar of home canned salsa. Yum. Black beans are the best with this one!


Yes, done right it is a perfectly safe way to feed your family.You will not blow up your kitchen. You will not poison your children. Follow the correct procedures and you will be fine.

An Art form – and FUN!

Sometimes preserving is purely utilitarian. Veggies for instance;  green beans, beets, corn.  This type of item provides a solid pantry for your family. This gives you a sense of efficiency and preparedness.

Other types of food are …. well…. fun! Pickling, for instance, is not just for cucumbers. There are all kinds of veggies that when combined make great gourmet combinations.

How about Jam or Jelly? How fun it is to create jars of spiced peach jam, decorate the jars with a pretty topper, and give it as a gift in a gift basket…. Your friends will be impressed.

Speaking of friends, invite one over to work with you.

You can chit-chat to your hearts content. Two hands make light work. Share the costs of canning and the results.