Home Improvement – Joy and Transformation

Boredom has begun to set in after ten years. You are bored with the color of your living room wall, your furniture and collection of antiques. Everything looks old, faded and dusty. Faced with the home improvement challenge of transforming and giving a new facelift to this dreary abode you wonder just where to begin.

The challenge of first cleaning up your home begins and over the next few days, while going through all the cupboards, you will find useful items, junk, lost things, old books or magazines to give away. As you get so engrossed in sorting out your belongings the days become too short and you are no longer bored. Instead you feel energized to do more towards improving and transforming your home.

There are of course many ways you can discover and plan your next step towards transforming your favorite space. Many websites provide designs and ideas or you can purchase an interior designing kit that provides you with design and color tools to plan and preview your choices of the many changes and new outlooks.

As you discover the countless possibilities of renovating your home you will also discover the transformation of ‘boredom’ into ‘joy’. A joy bubbling from within flowing outwards as creativity in the form of colors, shapes, smell and touch. Being bored is no longer in your vocabulary. You are now in a new and exciting world of discovery and creativity.

The home improvement challenge that you have taken on will also provide an opportunity to discuss, plan and work together with your family members. A boredom now transformed into a tool of gathering your family over a meal to visualize the final outcome and to share the excitement of your first project. There will be numerous ideas and suggestions for you to make a final decision. Each day brings more joy and smiles as you engage yourself in this undertaking.

Life begins with a new passion and meaning. The mere act of saying yes to the challenge of improving your home space is already transforming your own life even before you enjoy the end result of your new renovation.