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Guest for: B & K Beijing Heng Jie Radiator General Manager Zhang Fumin

Moderator: Han Ying Moderator: So your last trip was when?

Zhang Fumin: Recently, in March this year, right. That is the Commission organized a radiator, that is, study tours abroad, this time I had a participation event, then a visit of a foreign company. Went about 10 days, in the process, of course, me not been abroad, to be honest, it is the first time. My feelings are deep, because the kind of Western culture, and our Chinese is very different from the oriental culture, and that we of this more traditional, to the other side, to me, either from natural Environment Scenery, including human things, there is a great touch.

Moderator: Can you give a small example, you think you’re on the road which is rather deep impression on some memory?

Zhang Fumin: more deep memory. As an example, I think. I went to Germany, Germany and then we went to what manner, to their supermarkets, supermarkets, household items that we sell, because I am the only thing I’m in the radiator, as this activity I may go there I am very concerned about these things , whether you saw people selling homes, or whether you sell household items, it said that if the inside supermarkets sell glasses, what knives, forks, shovels these things, but those things are very expensive price, give us reaction down. But you have to pick up his things to come, say you buy this stuff, I guess would like to spend my life with not bad.

That this concept, it touched my business is it? I feel we have done either enterprises or make products Ye Hao, should you like the German spirit, in China, particularly in this car, the most recognized German car, I only said that a domestic feeling, that German vehicles. But really it any good? That with other countries, in the car than it is good. But bit by bit to that inside the kind of culture from the top, you will feel it a little, on a knife made out of very, very strong.

Touched my back doing this product, I advocate a point on it, that I either do not, I do do you put it very solid. In fact, you said that the establishment of Energy Environmental protection Is a contribution to society, including social Ye Hao, you put products you put it well, people go on long-term use, do not repeatedly pick up the product even how to use it, they become garbage, and it is also a resource waste, you waste of manpower, waste of resources, Energy Waste, are wasted. So I think that Germany, to do product in this spirit that is worthy of our study. Including their human sort of thing, you say, whether he was a person standing or sitting, gives a sense of the kind of image, I quite worship this spirit. I said the Chinese people should do, they do not be too loose, and people should have a rule, should be doing is very strict, I touched on this point should be more significant.

Moderator: The trip abroad, you feel it in the radiator area, the industry have some new ideas, after this trip, you feel it?

Zhang Fumin: The participation in itself, it is an international Heating Industry development, said the world’s dazzling array of things a lot. Frankly, if the Chinese in the world compared to the gap is indeed large, because we Chinese are doing something, it might make do with the appearance of doing the time being, but the details, with others on the immeasurably overseas, foreign things That is done In particular, it is very solid, and then one above it in innovative pretty special.

In fact this time, we should say that the company has a product to take over, but since I did not directly participate in the company, is a get other companies to our past, our products with a piece of the L’Amour Collection of the past. I had to say by looking at other countries and our product comparison products do, I say the truth from the heart, there is a sense of satisfaction, why? Means that we are now launching the third generation of this admiration, actually I am the third generation of the term, not that I casually play out, because it melt into certain things inside, including its functionality, as These products abroad, I feel it in the function above it really than me, fashion appearance, we should be doing now is no difference with the foreign, but in functionality as it really us.

Moderator: functional radiator is mainly reflected in the on?

Zhang Fumin: Radiator functionality, you are our current third generation of this paragraph, including its control of the wind or convective wind direction, temperature, expression, as well as humidification function, these products go to a financial I have just to introduce you to many, including those who own cultural ideas, the kind of thinking to go give you the financial, those features, I really can not I see other countries that.

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