Home Remedies for Cough and Cold in Children and Infants

One of the hardest parts being a parent is to look after their sick kids. This is especially if their kids have cough and cold. If this happens, a mother or both parents could potentially have only a couple of hours sleep at night which is a great disadvantage for them especially if they are both going to work everyday. Well, this is part of being a parent hence you can absolutely avoid and practice an effective home remedy for this. After all, you are not only the one who suffers, mainly; it is your child that suffers. So, as a parent, it is also one of your duties to take care and look after them as well as to find ways so they can get rid of their cough and cold.

One of the home remedies for cough and cold that you can consider is water therapy. You need to convince your children to drink more water. Put a cold compress on his or her forehead and wipe him or her with a face towel in the whole body. Check the temperature of your child every hour and every time you let them take medicines. But, if the symptoms persist then you will have to see a doctor.

Another thing is that you will have to make your children drink more juice especially lemon juice. If they have cough and colds for more than a week then you will have to see a doctor and ask for medical prescription. It is because of the fact that your child might to take antibiotics and other medicines that could be helpful to their condition. You can also massage the chest and back of your child using mentholated creams. In some ways, this could help them to make breathing easier as well as this could also help them to fall asleep despite of such condition.

If you are a parent and it is your first time to experience looking after your kid while he is suffering from cough and colds then all you have to do is to be relaxed in a way that your mind could be always present despite of the situations that you know might possibly happen. It is perfectly understandable for you to be worried; the fact is that it is essential for you to be active and present minded. Don’t let your worries and fears overpower you because if this happens, you will never do any home remedies for cough and colds rightfully as well as you will never come up with the right things to do.

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