Home Remedies To Get Back In Change After Delivery

Home remedies are nothing but something that can cure you simply with the things and natural food items available in our kitchen closet. Home remedies are a kind of first aid therapy to the body. Something that we all can try at home and get good results. We can just forget the doctor for a while and believe in the words of our old grannies who have transferred us the simple knowledge of making safe treatment for some simple ailments sitting within the premises of our home at anytime of the day and dont need to bother the doctor for simple problems like cold, cough, gastric pain.

Home remedies to get back in change after delivery
– Take warm water for 2 months boiled with Cardamom
– Drink Aloe vera regularly
– Get body massage done with sesame oil and olive oil
– Always take bath with lukewarm water be the delivery in hot or cold weather
– Put cup of rum in the bucket while taking bath . As this remedy helps in restoring the normal shape and avoids swelling on various body parts.
– Sit in little tub of hot water with 1 or 2 cup rum added to that as this helps in removing the swelling of the uterus and healing the vaginal tear and closing the extra opening. It helps the female parts to heal and shrink and get back to normal shape.
– Always wear socks and cover the head as body is too prone to infections after delivery.
– Breast feed the baby from both sides to maintain the shape of the bust.

Home remedies for Kidney stones
– Drink soup of Kultha dal every day
– Drink coconut water
– Take soup of corn hair boiled nicely and add little ghee in that along with jeera powder.
– Take radish juice—6-7 spoons daily
– Take beer one glass daily

Home remedies for fatty liver
– Drinking sugar cane juice
– Drinking coconut water
– Taking ginger, jeera, Black pepper in diet
– Taking more of salad without any dressings
– Taking papaya, pomegranate, guavas
– Taking radish, carrots and avoiding all fried food.