Home Remedies to reduce Piles Pain

Pain due to Piles is excruciating!!
It affects our normal life and causes extreme discomfort.
Piles are rapidly becoming one of the most common ailments today. It is an inflamed condition of the veins, inside or just outside the rectum. In external piles, there is a lot of pain but no bleeding. In the case of internal piles, there is a discharge of dark blood. In some cases the veins burst and results in bleeding piles.

Chronic constipation is the major cause of Piles. The straining in order to evacuate the constipated bowels and the pressure thus caused on the surrounding veins leads to piles.

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Although there is no magical way to get rid of the pain of Piles, there are some simple Home care tips you can follow to experience some relief from the pain.
1. Hot and Cold Compression: Heat therapies can reduce the inflammation and increases blood circulation causing the connective tissues to become more flexible. It gives temporary but welcome relief.
2. Warm Water Bath :
Warm Hip Bath relieves the pain of Piles!
Taking a hip bath in warm water relieves discomfort, pain of piles and anal fissures. seconds is soothing. Sometimes alternating three to five times between a hot bath for 3-4 minutes and an ice-cold bath for 30-60 seconds is soothing.
3. Massage with Ointments & Oils:
Massage techniques like pressing, pushing, friction, vibration and sensation can be applied to lessen the acute pain. Gently and mildly press the anal sphincter muscle on rectum orifice with finger tip lubricated with slippery cream like Vaseline, petroleum jelly or any medicated cream or Ayurvedic ointments or oil.
4. Diet
Constipation is the primary cause of Piles. As such diet planning and control is the key to achieve relief from the Piles pain. Including high fiber staple foods in your diet is the first step. Some foods rich in Fibre are:
* Unpolished rice
* Atta with husk (wheat fibre)
* Milk
* Ladies finger
* Fruits
* Leafy vegetables
* Leafy Soup
5. Folk Medicine
Some easily available and natural remedies for piles treatment are:
* Green Grass juice with Honey
* Ayapan juice( for bleeding Piles)
* Nageswar
* Triphala dust
* Butter with sugarcane
6. Yoga
Yoga can be truly effective as natural treatment for Piles as it cures through physical strengthening, improved oxygenation, blood circulation and natural constipation relief.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

* Avoid straining while attempting to defecate
* Avoid reading while on the toilet
* Losing weight
* Avoid heavy lifting
* Prefer soft, paste like food
* Ensure food has high Fibre
* Avoid sitting on cold or damp floor
* Don’t gulp or swallow your food
* Avoid Red Meat like Mutton
* Avoid Rich spicy food and fast food
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