Home Remedy For Yeast Infection – Do You Need One?

Any woman who has endured even one yeast infection knows how painful and annoying they can be. And increasingly more women are turning to a home remedy for yeast infection as an alternative to medications. Medications can actually kill off the healthy bacteria your body needs to fight off these infections. This is only one of the many reasons natural cures are preferable to doctor prescribed and store bought medications.

Here a few home remedies for yeast infection you can try today and feel better by tonight.


Plain yogurt is a commonly implemented yeast infection remedy. Yogurt contains the healthy bacteria your body sorely needs to build back a weakened immune system. You can apply this to a tampon and insert vaginally. You can also freeze the yogurt in ice trays and then apply to the affected areas.


If you’re not interested in using yogurt, you can always purchase acidophilus supplements that contain the same healthy bacteria found naturally in yogurt.  Acidophilus comes in a few different forms. The first form is a gelatin capsule. This is typically used as a vaginal suppository. You can also take acidophilus orally in the form of a pill.

Finally, you can find it as a powder. Just mix it with water and drink.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is another effective yeast infection remedy. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it is most commonly used to treat skin conditions. It also works well in relieving the burning and itching of yeast infections. To put this natural cure to work, all you have to do is soak a cotton ball in the sesame oil and insert vaginally. This can be left in as long as overnight.

Repeat this for about a week to completely clear your symptoms.


Foods are the last remedy you can try from home.  There are certain foods that can actually cause the symptoms of a yeast infection to become more severe. Included on this list are processed foods, sugar, and alcohol. Also, cheese, dried fruit, and cheese are common culprits. Caffeine and alcohol round out this list.  Better alternatives to these foods are fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and whole grains.

A home remedy for yeast infection is always going to be the wiser choice over medications. The reason yogurt is often prescribed as a home remedy is because the acidophilus contained in yogurt gives the body’s immune system a natural boost.

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