Home Theater Movie Watching Is Cheaper Than Going To The Movies

We all appreciate good movies, and it’s fun to go to the theater but with all the 3D that’s out there it is becoming a bit crazy. What’s wrong with the regular 2D film? In the not too distant past seeing a 3D movie was considered a gimmick and didn’t really appeal to many people. But that has changed, every movie that is released targeted at the kids it’s in the 3D format.

Many theaters will play a standard 2D version of the movie, but once the kids know that it is in 3D, that’s the way it had to be seen. But what’s more is that the prices for these 3D movies is so outrageously high, it makes it difficult for most families to take the entire family to the movies anymore. What used to be a cheap, fun thing to pass a Saturday afternoon has now become almost as much as a weekend at a theme park.

Due to this cost it makes it almost worth the wait for the film to come out on DVD or Blu-ray, so you can watch it on your own time schedule and you will have it forever. Almost everyone has made the transition up to the flat panel HDTV, but if you are one that hasn’t done that you still will have good video and audio from the DVD. This brings the movie theater watching experience to your house which gives you more value for your money.

More than likely if you own a HDTV then you have the HD cable option. If this is the case you have the capability of recieving the pretty new movies right on that screen. That’s good but doing a bit more by adding a decent surround sound system to the television then you create a great home entertainment setup. This way you have the choice of seeing it at home in a great viewing experience, unless you just want to go to the theater.

When you watch at home you get to make your popcorn, have the candy and buy the Blu-ray or DVD all for less cost than four people in a family can go to a movie. Again there is the extra benefit of watching the movie on your schedule and owning the movie so you can watch it again. Another benefit is not having to sit next to someone you don’t know and have your feet on a sticky surface. And the movie can go on pause whenever the pizza guy arrives, it’s all within your control.

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