Home Theater – Television, Signal and Sound

All home entertainment systems have 3 major components that are essentially needed in creating functional systems. The main thing in focus in any theater is the TV or video display. Another essential thing is sound quality. The key in having the voice and soul of the theater is a complete sound system. The third major component is providing the sound and picture satellite or cable television, it is standard in every home, however, DVD and others are also added in expanding the home theater’s usefulness. It is because of the 3 major electronic pieces that help in having worthwhile movie watching, CD listening, or Xbox playing.


The home theater’s sound system will make a big difference in the functionality and enjoyment of the home theater. Good audio systems include the following: Amplifier, this is what increases signal strength before it’s sent to the speakers. Most of the time, purchased receivers would have amplifiers built-in which makes an additional piece of equipment that is unnecessary. Receiver, this takes audio signal, often the video signal, to distribute it to the right part of your system. Surround sound, standard speakers of five-piece sets are typical in most home theaters. Channels are found in the center, right front, left front, right rear, left rear. The speakers make sound come from appropriate directions when positioned properly.


Video display options are available for homes depending on one’s preference and budget.

Liquid crystal display or LCD televisions could be found as a flat screen and a rear projection. LCD rear projection televisions are more compact compared to their cathode ray tube cousins. They also use less power.

Plasma televisions have a different technology wherein different gases are put between 2 panels of glass and electronic signal could modify them to enable them to display pictures. These TVs are produced with thin and sleek design to produce excellent resolution.

No matter which display of video you are wanting to have, be sure to measure your home’s area where you will be putting your TV so it would fit in. Also, look into the screen if it could handle high Definition or HD TVs and DVDs.