Home Water Filter Systems – 5 Tips You Must Know Before Getting One

Are you baffled as to how many home water filter systems there are to choose from? Here’s are some helpful tips that’ll make your search much easier and more successful.

Tip #1. Popular brand-name companies don’t necessarily make the best home water filter systems. When people have heard of a company already, they automatically think that it must be of high quality. But at the same time, do you think that these popular companies are motivated to spend lots of money on developing their products so they are the best they can be? Or do you think they’d rather spend it on more advertising and marketing?

Tip #2. Go with home water filter systems that use multiple technologies to remove contaminants. It’s impossible for a filtration system to remove all the contaminants in water by using one type of filter. The best home water filter systems will use 3 or 4 different kinds of filtration technologies to increase not only the number of different contaminants removed, but also the amount of each contaminant removed.

Tip #3. Only debate about getting filtration units that are certified by highly-respected authorities. Just like food and drugs are approved by the FDA and dental products are approved by the ADA, home water filter systems are approved by trustworthy authorities like the Underwriters Laboratories and NSF. They look at each system, put it through multiple tests, and confirm that all the claims made about it are true.

Tip #4. When evaluating how much a system costs, take the ongoing cost of use into account along with the initial cost. The ongoing cost of use is calculated by figuring out how much each replacement filter costs and then dividing it by how many gallons it filters or how many months it’s good for. This gives you a much better idea as to how much home water filter systems actually cost over the long-run.

Tip #5. Purchase home water filter systems on the Internet straight from the manufacturer. Doing this can save you a nice chunk of change. Buying factory-direct allows you to avoid paying markup prices that retailers and dealers often add to the price they paid for them. This way, you can pay what they pay!

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