Homebrew Beer is Easy, Fun and Delicious

If you’ve ever had a homebrew, or eaten in a brewpub – you know those restaurant/bars that have the giant brass holding tanks on display as a part of their decor and where everyone loves to hang out – you’ve probably wondered what it would take to create your own beer at home.

Now obviously, most of us have no where near the space needed for that kind of operation, but actually, it doesn’t require anything like that kind of investment of space, equipment or even the time in order to brew your own homemade beer.

You can get started with as little as a six-gallon fermenter jar with an airlock, and some ready-made malt with hops. Malt extract has become easy to find in the can, so there’s no longer a reason to worry about the difficult and messy task of malting your own grains just to get a nice homebrew.

It can be as easy as mix, brew, bottle and enjoy.  Mixing is done in the fermenter – all you need is hot water, a malt kit, cold water added for volume, and the right yeast.  The whole process is even easier than making bread – and the results are just as spectacular!  The fermenting happens as the yeast eats the sugars, all while you sit back and take it easy.  Once the fermentation is finished, you can bottle your liquid gold and soon after you’ll be enjoying that first delicious sip.

It’s easy to make your favorite types of beer at home – and you can add your own special ingredients as you develop your own recipes.  Not only is it easy and fun, but you can save a lot of money over buying the boutique commercial brands in the grocery stores.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover you can brew up to six gallons of your own homebrew for only about $ 20-30.

If you’ve ever tried a homebrew, you know how much fresher and more flavorful they can be than what you buy in the store.  Why do you think the brewpubs do so well?  Their microbrewed beer is definitely a cut above the commericial brands.  And homebrew easily competes with the microbrewery beer – especially when it’s made by you!