Homemade Face Packs for Fairness ? Improve Your Complexion Naturally

The way your face looks and a fair complexion is very important because your complexion is like a business card. It has great impact on the impression you make when you first meet someone and it is also closely related to your level of self esteem. As long as you take good care of it, you have every chance to have a face that looks perfect and shines healthy. Many women are skeptical in using cosmetic products because of the chemicals they contain. They can affect the complexion really bad on the long run and there are also women noticing immediate reactions to them, like allergies or rashes.

However, the face still requires your complete attention and unless you want your skin to be in a very bad condition, you have to develop a routine for taking care of your face daily. It is wise to use natural and homemade ingredients because depending on your skin type they can make you look great and they are also safe and delicate. Determine what type of skin you have and also find out what kind of ingredients you need depending on the result you want to obtain and the season we are in and you will be on the right track in what concerns the perfect and glamorous face.

Here are a few homemade face packs for fairness that you can use at home for improving your skin condition. Choose the one you like most or the one that has best effects on you.

1. Make yourself a face scrub using chamomile tea and oatmeal in equal proportions (1/4 cup), 2 drops of almond oil and 2 tsp of honey. You can also use this mixture as a face pack if you apply it, and instead of rubbing it on your face, you leave it there for a short while.

2. Mix cucumber juice, lemon juice and rose water in order to obtain an effective homemade face pack for fairness.

3. Honey is a great ingredient for taking care of your complexion. It is also good to mix it with lemon juice.

4. Mix one part of olive oil, one part of almond oil and four parts of sesame oil and apply the mixture on your face gently.

5. Aloe vera gel is an excellent cleanser for all skin types.

6. Sandalwood paste in an effective face pack for those having pimples or acne, if applied every night before going to bed.

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