Honey Facial ? Bringing Antioxidants to the Deepest Layers of Your Face

Have you ever had a honey facial? Honey is a natural byproduct that honeybees produce from flowers containing nectar. It is primarily a food product used to sweeten a variety of products or for use on its own. It has a multitude of non-food uses as well. Its use in medicine has documentation going back over 2500 years. Today, people all over the world turn to honey for treating a variety of maladies such as sore throats, coughs, diabetic ulcers, and damage to the colon from colitis. However, one of the best non-food uses for it is as a facial.

Honey is A Medicinal and Cosmetic Wonder

Honey has strong anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties in its purest state. Science shows it also contains strong anti-oxidant properties as well. When applies to the face in the form of a honey facial, you are bringing those benefits against the skin. However, for the best benefits, you need a form of honey that has some extras thrown into the mix. People in New Zealand may have the answer. A form of honey from there called manuka contains high levels of methylglyoxal. This agent helps the honey molecules penetrate deeper into the skin layers. And it helps bring the healing powers of the honey to those deep levels.

A manuka honey face gel makes a great way to bring the benefits of this honey to your face. You bring the natural benefits of regular honey with the special benefits of the manuka bush with a good honey facial. This native New Zealand bush is what the bees use to imbue the honey with those special properties for which it is so coveted. There is a special rating given to this form of honey. Scientists call it the Unique Manuka Factor, or UMF. The higher the UMF number, the greater the antibacterial properties will be. The honey with the best benefits will have a rating of 16 or higher.

UMF is Important

You want a manuka honey face gel that has a minimum of UMF 16. This will give you the best properties of the honey. The best honey facial will include raw manuka honey instead of processed. You get the best benefits before it goes through processing. It will help heal your skin from the inside out. Bringing antioxidants to the deepest cells will give your skin the healing it needs. The honey’s benefits soak in and you get softer and younger looking skin as a result.