Hong Kong’s Best Shopping Guide – Supermarkets

Grocery shopping in Hong Kong can be daunting. You sometimes need to jump from store to store to find all the items you need. Things like cheese and salamis can be very expensive, while other things are dirt cheap. We will give you a little breakdown on the various stores and options you have here.

Local Supermarkets

Wellcome: This is one of your basic supermarkets. They stock everything from food, drinks, cleaning supplies, etc. You can do your basic shopping here, and they always have various deals going on every week. Every couple of months they start a stamp collection, where if you spend a certain amount or buy specific products, you get collectible stamps that allow you to save up for various items, like cooking ware, watches, travel cases, soft toys etc. Also make sure to sign up for their octopus rewards program, which gives you a certain percentage of your shopping amount back.

Parknshop: Similar to Wellcome, this shop stocks everything as well. They have a little more variety than Wellcome, but they have similar prices. They have special offers and deals every week as well. Sign up for their MoneyBack program. This allows you to collect points on every purchase, and then redeem them for products or discount coupons.

Gourmet Foods

Taste: Taste is part of the ParknShop group. Here they start focusing on gourmet foods as well. You can find all the items you find in a regular Parknshop, plus various “gourmet” items. They also sell various household items and consumer electronics. You can use the same MoneyBack card that is used for regular Parknshops.

ThreeSixty: ThreeSixty is again a Gourmet supermarket, but with a twist. They stock only Natural and Organic products and promote healthy lifestyle products. They also have an amazing Food court in their stores, where you can get anything from burritos to organic gelato! They are higher priced than the previous places, but the quality is well worth the price.

c!ty’super: pronounced “City Super”, this place stocks a lot of gourmet products, mainly import items. They have products from around the world, including Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, etc. They also have Food Courts in various malls, with a wide range of food, and a section called Log-On, that sells lifestyle products. They are the highest price supermarket out there, but if you are looking for products not available anywhere else, you can find them here.

Great: Another Gourmet supermarket, with a lot of international food brands.

Olivers Delicatessen: A store in Central that sells gourmet food and drinks. They also have a large variety in deserts, candy and a nice bakery.

Sogo: This well known super department store in Causeway Bay also has a nice surprise in the basement. It has a large grocery market, with a lot of choice of different things. If your are looking for coffee or cheeses and meats, this is definately a place to check out!

Gateway: Missing American food? Looking for those items you get only in Costcos? Well go check out Gateway. Located in Sheung Wan, this place has all your American candies, food, drinks, junk food and American hosuehold cleaning products.

Honourable mentions

The following are not supermarkets, but still places you can get food from at affordable prices.

Wet Markets: Every district has a wet market, where you can find fresh fruits, vegetables and very fresh meats! The choice is magnificent and the quality is good. Not for the squirmish, as you do see a lot of live animals being sold, but definitely worth a visit.

Delicatessen Corner – Holiday Inn Golden Mile: This little restaurant/shop located in Tsim Sha Tsui is the one place in Hong Kong you can find European cheeses, cold cuts and breads/pastries at very reasonable prices.