Horoscopes- General to All, Specific to None

The uncertainty of the future has propagated the most outrageous of incidences. Over the years, human beings have sought the intervention of deities and some revered members of the society. In line with the old adage that the earliest bird catches the worm, individuals are already knocking at the doors of their preferred fortune-tellers, who in turn offer their services through numerous avenues. In addition to the free-for-all information availed through the dailies, personal contact with the fortune-tellers is made possible through clandestine and official venues.  Most visitors rely on word of mouth and hear-say with regard to the potency and reliability of the man or woman who holds the key to information about their future.

Information about the future was crucial to decision making with regards to planning and execution of attacks on neighboring tribes and marriage in addition to other important socio-cultural activities. However, calendar 2011 is obviously not dotted with plans on when to attack a neighboring nation. As a result, investors are busy preparing for the most opportune time to diversify their portfolio. In addition to due-diligence and the financial analysis, luck is believed to play an important part, and hence the horoscopes.

Most local dailies have columns indicating the horoscopes for perusal by the readers. The contents there in are convenient for both avid and occasional readers, since daily and monthly predictions will be available at the reader’s convenience. As a result, one is able to follow the hypotheses on the horoscopes at their on convenience. However, regardless of the frequency of visits, calendar 2011 is sure to post augmented excitement on the global scene. Information boom and globalization have brought a novel facet to this scenario owing to the difference in chronological aspects of different cultural groups. Every rational global citizen has their eyes and ears open for a sign to spark their confidence in a bright future. As a result, fortunetellers spend their last effort correlating events in the hope that as we search every nook and cranny, each aspect of life is attributable to a favorable outcome, laced with the highest degree of fortune.

The most perpetuated basis for prediction and fortunetelling is the date of birth. As a result, most of the horoscopes in 2011 calendar, just like in the past, will be based on the date of birth. Consequently, the aspects of fortune, or the lack of it will be duplicated across humanity based on the date of birth. The articulate nature of horoscopes contributes to their ability to apply to any situation. As a result, the information contained there in is so general that it becomes specific and applicable to each individual who is willing to appreciate the content. Regardless of the tone and word content, fortunetellers are not willing to risk losing the confidence of their clients through inauspicious connotations, and thus will always dance to the tune of their readers, be it in calendar 2011 or 2999.