Household Appliances Shop Building Facing The Pack Crazy Enough To Go Around The Situation

Xiamen, a second wave of home appliance stores

shock   January: State Long store opened in the United States;

3 months: Cathay Pacific Paradise store opening soon, is expected to shop in the building were 4-5 at home this year is expected to open the first three;

5 months: Suning plans opened in Xiamen, is expected to total of three stores in the future;

12 months: by the end of Xiamen will have 22 major home appliance stores.

Cathay Pacific Paradise store to open, and Suning also recruit experienced the beginning of the country and thought the United States after World War II the text of the first wave, about to usher in Xiamen, a second wave of consumer electronics market shocks.

Warlords Xiamen crying, “Collection”

This year, the domestic home appliance chain Gome, Suning and Yongle Big Three speed up the pace into the consumer electronics market in Xiamen, China in early U.S. only started opening the “first shot.” According to Wing-lok, general manager of Xiamen, Huang Li-Ming Branch, if things go smoothly, Cathay Pacific Paradise store will be opened on March 19, plans to open in Xiamen, 4-5 stores before this year is expected to open 3.

Huang Weiming, head of Suning market has also revealed its first store in Xiamen Suning address is selected, it is planned to be opened in May. It is reported that Suning will open three stores in Xiamen, the total business area of 15,000 square meters.

Reporters on the current year, Xiamen has been opened or plan to open the appliance store was simple statistics, to the end of this year, thought the text, Tsann Kuen, Gome, Suning and Yongle in Xiamen city’s major home appliance stores, a total of 22 stores, total sales an area of more than 120,000 square meters, covering the main business district of Xiamen.

Enough to go round the limited customers

“With the opening of several supermarkets, Xiamen appliance market competition has entered the white-hot.” Blonde Cheng, general manager of Best Man, said the means of competition from the current low level of pure price competition to service after sales overall competitive stage. Suning Appliance’s Huang Weiming is that the giant chain to enter the market later in Xiamen, Xiamen, China consumer electronics market and the consumer electronics market integration has been the whole of the forms has changed.

Some people worry that the market can accommodate Xiamen appliance appliances stores so much? Household appliances market in Xiamen incremental limited, home appliances business survive?

Wing Lok Wong, general manager of Xiamen, Lai Ming, Xiamen optimistic consumer electronics market is estimated to reach 20 billion, while general manager Cheng Wen blonde is thinking that, including digital 3C, including at least 30 billion market. According to industry estimates, household appliance stores units of square meters of operating costs in the six-month around 70 yuan, calculated according to 60 yuan, Xiamen 120000 square meters a year in operating costs of more than 8 million. According to appliance sales to calculate gross profit margin of 6%, operating costs alone will need to support sales of 13.3 billion, far higher than the most optimistic estimates.

Local enterprises seeking to break through

Whether the country is about to enter the United States or the Yongle, Suning, are invariably the first store to open in SM near the target market on the island of Xiamen. Market growth on the island in Xiamen limited circumstances, outside the island or even in Longyan, Sanming City these three lines become the next target appliance stores.

Xiamen, according to the U.S. head of State Manager Zhang said Gome plans to open 5-6 in the off-island area of a single shop in 3000? 6,000 square meters of the home appliance stores. Similarly, Suning will open in the off-island area of 12 single-store community store about 3000 square meters.

Face Gome, Suning and Yongle of the entry, thinking Wenze chosen to go out to open their second war. ANKARA, according to general manager of Best Man, this year thought the text would not open new stores in Xiamen, while his own eyes turned to Longyan, Sanming these three lines market. According to him, thinking the text has begun to enter the pre-market inspection, store location, etc., if successful, will have a store opened during the year.