Houston Underground Nightlife Sans the Vampire Crowd

When I am seeking in Houston where to go, specifically lately, it appears like everywhere I turn there is a bar or club with absolutely everyone all dressed in black, sporting fangs and only drinking red wine (or what I can at least assume is red wine). Some locations even go so far as to have issues like coffins in the location. What is the deal with all this vampire stuff? I know movies and books today about vampires are pretty common, but do I genuinely require to have Dracula behind the bar serving me a beer? I don’t feel so. That is why I try to find areas where the vampire crowd stays away.

They actually aren’t as tough to uncover as you would think. Most of the individuals who appear to gravitate to these vampire areas are trendy young hipsters who do not appear to know any far better anyway. They could consider it is cool to just hang out and pretend they do all these creepy factors and then go back property to their true lives.

The rest of us can find all the exciting normal areas to go and not be bothered by these garlic-haters. Give me an ice cold draft beer poured by a beautiful young bartender any day of the week over warm red wine served by a pale-faced guy afraid of the mirror behind the bar. I may even take a single of these fancy umbrella drinks over whatever it is they are serving to me in that wine glass.

Just about any dance club you can go to would be better with no all the wannabe vampires about. Have you ever heard the kind of music they listen to? It seems like it is each loudness and screaming that you can not understand or it is some type of chanting that you cannot dance to or understand.

I would a lot rather go to a dance club where the music is in fact music and the girls there want to dance with you. I see a lot of these girls in their vampire costumes only dancing with every other and don’t want something to do with the guys. I can not realize why they would even want to come to a normal bar.

Some of the clubs I go to have sometimes had a Vampire Evening to draw in a crowd. I went to one night and I’ll by no means go once more. I believed my pals and I did some weird stuff, but the groups of individuals who showed up on this evening take the cake. We left right after about ten minutes and went to the bar down the street.

Locating places in Houston exactly where to go shouldn’t be a challenge. Is it also significantly to ask to be able to go to a spot where I don’t have to be concerned about the hickey I get from a girl leaving puncture marks in my neck? Trust me, avoid the vampire crowd and locate a typical club to go to. Now werewolves on the other hand…