Hover Automotive declaration of independence: the brand for the expert and fly

With the Hover SUV ownership exceeded one million, March 29 Great Wall Motor formally announced independent Harvard brand, Hafer new brand LOGO be enabled at the identical time. Harvard has also turn into the third expert devoted to manufacturing SUV Brand.
In 2002, the first one Severin off the assembly line marks the birth of Harvard, because then, Havel gradually launched a quantity of attributes focusing on different SUV lineup continuously enrich Harvard is recognized for its versatile, full variety, quality and dependable Cost a series of advantages steadily established themselves in the SUV marketplace, focus on practical solution image in the minds of shoppers, and for ten consecutive years won the SUV industry sales champion.

Haval H5, Haval H6 star model driven, today’s the Hafer much more momentum rainbow, 2012, the achievement of 281,200, an enhance of 71%, 45% of the total annual sales occupy Wonderful Wall Motor
Because January to March this year, the Harvard sales continue to keep the triumph of the marketplace trend, Harvard accumulated holdings in a single fell swoop to break through the one particular million mark.

It is since of a large industry share to make certain base, as properly as Harvard decades worked hard in the SUV industry, technologies and expertise accumulated backing, the Harvard brand independent even much more logical. In truth, Fantastic Wall Motor early

A few years ago in the layout Hover a separate connected matters, such as in some regions, the Excellent Wall Motors needs WholeSalers time needed to open two retailers, a Great Wall of shops, a Hafer shop, this is in truth Hover independence

Channel separation legislation to pave the way.
Compared with some independent brands have a return to the “brand” method “brand”, Harvard independence is an interpretation against the wind, it appears that Harvard in no way stick to the trend of moving, but constantly in accordance with their own The rhythm and pace of the road.

Previously, the personal brand or to the lineup full coverage of marketplace segments, or group benefit in order to expand market share, and so on and so forth reasons, have chosen two or far more brand improvement approach. It turns out that no technology and brand accumulation of background in the beginning, plus overlap confusion Item organizing and the fragmented nature of the cost system, limited resources is not only not getting totally utilized, but simply because Multi-brand lead to dispersion and internal friction, the so-called multi-brand approach in name only, buyers do not even have a basic brand awareness.

Time, Fantastic Wall Motor adhere to the focused philosophy the guiding principles, in their respective market segments solid category advantage, Haval SUV, Wingle pickup by Topeka, SUV, the 3 categories of the A-Class sedans have completed it Market segments in the first spot, the vehicle is steadily increasing. For that reason, the most significant distinction of Harvard independence and other independent brands case is not subjective initiative, but the marketplace, the demand of the solution itself: 1, Hafer do SUV industry, brand heritage so that it has adequate influence, shoppers need to have far more sense of exclusive brand independent two, Harvard and the Excellent Wall in the vehicle, Wingle pickup belonging to distinct categories, industry segmentation, it is needed To be separated Hafer full coverage of the product line and future preparing, skilled as need the support of the skilled brand. It can be anticipated the Harvard go is an inevitable way to go, Harvard’s future introduction of Lenovo.

It is understood that Harvard will be launched in two years to Harvard Harvard H2 H8 eight new models, Han Gaiha Fu All solution serial naming guidelines in accordance with the Hover singular off-road SUV, double the quantity compared to the urban SUV. And this a single Hover H2 will be accessible for the duration of the year, and Hafer the H8 will undoubtedly turn into the most talked about, and most embodies the two automobiles of the future trends in Harvard.

The sector generally believe that Harvard independent strategic initiatives of the Excellent Wall Motor to seek brand breakthrough from Harvard’s future solution arranging, you can get a glimpse. Expert SUV will thereafter have been accompanied by Hafer,Harvard worked path. Wonderful Wall Motor official mentioned, the skilled refers not only to technology, analysis and improvement, production repairer attainments, more sales, service, sale and other all-round qualities embodied. Future Hafer, is definitely bound to result in a location in the planet of professional SUV brand with Chinese traits.
It can be mentioned Harvard independent just Hafer brand method yet another beginning point, forward, Harvard needs to do a lot of things there, such as to strengthen the R &amp D team, sales channels, brand management problems need to have to be deemed. Nevertheless,In view of the Harvard understanding of China’s national conditions as well as regional culture, in humane and solutions the needs of the individuals, Harvard has a considerable benefit. From this point of view, Harvard fully potential with other high-finish SUV side by side,Country experts SUV.
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