How 1u Rack Server Technology Can Save You Money

As with everything else in the modern technological world, the development of servers is proceeding at a phenomenal pace, and the 1U rack server is among the latest developments in the world of servers that is definitely worth exploring. A 1U rack server, also known as a short depth server, is the successor to older server technology where server hardware was contained within large casing usually made of aluminum known as a tower. It was known as a tower because of the height of the casing, which typically was tall enough to come up to the average persons knee when placed on the floor. Short depth server technology offers a much more elegant and efficient server solution, and many individuals and companies have already benefited from this new technology.

The main concern of most people who are looking to purchase a new server, besides the performance of the server and how well it will meet their needs, is the cost of the server. Price is always a factor when it comes to purchasing something new, even when you really need that something. Fortunately, 1U rack server technology is extremely cost-efficient, and you will find that you will save money in the long run by investing in 1U rack server technology for your network needs.

The first thing that 1U rack server technology really helps you save is space. As compared to the servers of old, the modern short depth server is much smaller and can be very easily stacked up one atop the other by fitting them into an industry standard sized rack. The savings in terms of space will eventually translate into money savings, if only because the space that you save can be used for other purposes, such as storage for inventory or to install more and better facilities to aid in your business.

Another advantage that 1U rack server technology provides is greater efficiency. Older servers make use of hardware that is now outdated, whereas the hardware that is contained within the modern short depth server is up-to-date and will therefore perform faster and better. This added performance means greater efficiency for whatever processes there are in your business that depend on your computer network. The greater the efficiency of your server, the greater the efficiency of your network and any work that is performed on that network.

Finally, there is the question of scaling up. Often, businesses that experience expansion require greater network resources as they hire more employees and the number of people using their internal network increases. With 1U rack server technology, it is easy to scale up your server system to include more servers, and they can be easily stored together in a standard-sized server rack.

Overall, the various advantages provided by modern 1U rack server technology over older server technology has the potential to save you a great deal of money over the long run, so you should definitely invest in one short depth server or more for the benefit of your business.