How A Facebook Page For Business Can Build Your Business Bigger And Faster Than Any Other Media

You should have a Facebook page for business. Everyone is saying that, but what so great about Facebook that it is taking over the whole conversation about online marketing?

Experienced online marketers have found over and over again that by far the majority of people don’t buy the first time they see a sales page. In fact, professional copywriters consider a one percent closing rate really good!

That means it is considered good when 99 percent of website visitors don’t take the action the sales letter is trying to get. How can that be? Why are people so hesitant to take action online even when they are in the ideal target market and they have been offered a really good value?

The simple reason for such low numbers is “trust”.

People don’t trust advertisers. People don’t trust someone they don’t know. People don’t trust someone who is trying to get money out of them.

A traditional sales approach has all the characteristics of the kind of company people don’t trust.

The closing ratio is a little better with offline direct mail marketing to a highly targeted group. Two or three percent conversion to sales is considered very successful among offline marketers. Terrible!

Think of all the money, time and energy wasted in attracting and presenting to 99 percent of website visitors.

The reason Facebook marketing is so much better is because with very little expense on your part, your prospects have a chance to get to know you before they see your sales message. On Facebook they will not get to know you so much as a business, but more as source of information.

If you handle Facebook marketing correctly, you will become a trusted source of valuable information in the niche your product or service represents.

By becoming known as a “good guy (or gal)” that is very helpful, your potential customers will get to know you over a period of time. They will trust you because you don’t present yourself as someone who is just going after their money.

How do you achieve this precious status of being a “trusted friend” who happens to be in a business people are very much interested in?

You set up a Facebook fanpage for your business.

A Facebook fanpage allows people to become a fan of your business. Once they are a fan you can post news feeds that show up on the first page when they log into their Facebook account.

If you start pummelling people with sales messages in their newsfeed, people will take themselves off your fanpage and report you as a spammer to Facebook. Your Facebook fanpage will be banned. In fact, your Facebook account could even be deleted.

A Facebook fanpage allows you to communicate with people in their most personal environment when they are in a social setting with their friends and family.

If you are cool enough to stay in their newsfeed list, your prospect will slowly introduce you to the members of their friends and family that would be interested in your product or services.

Over time, if you write the right messages in your newsfeed, these people will start to buy from you.

As you continue your communication campaign over time, your customers will learn from you, be entertained by you and socialize with you as they buy from you again and again.

No other medium allows you to get into the private, social circle of their customer and have the potential to gradually cultivate the entire group of friends and family of each of their customers to do business with them.

Facebook marketing is the most powerful method of advertising and promotion ever invented. Facebook fanpages allow you to directly access markets that could previously only be available through referrals. It’s a lot easier to get people to have their friends and family become a fan of your fanpage than have them send you referrals to do business with you. Once you have them on your fan list, you can eventually cultivate them to become customers. Thre is no way you could access this market with any other media. BOLA TANGKAS