How a Lesson From Rick DeVos Can Help You Expand Your Realtor Coaching Business

I watched an interview with Rick DeVos last night, he was discussing Amways’ fleet of jets. Turn’s out for 40 of the 50 years they have been in business, the fortune 500 company has purchased and maintained a fleet of jets to fly them around the word while they grew Amway into the 8 billion dollar business that it is today. Mr. DeVos went on to explain how much time the jets saved them over traveling commercial. He emphasized the importance of getting in front of people so that they remember who runs the company, and so they can honor people with taking the time to be present.

I believe Mr. DeVos has an important message. No I am not advising you to purchase a jet and fly around the country speaking to your Realtors. I do strongly recommend doing whatever you can to “show your presence” in your company in any way you can. We all know people “buy” people. In order for a Realtor to trust you to take their business to the next level they must first be able to get to know you.

Since you can’t jump in your personal jet and fly all over the country shaking hands, you must find another way to accomplish this task that is far less expensive and time consuming. Which is why audio and video are so important to the success of your Realtor coaching company. Certainly, it is true that you can drop a hint here and there of who you are through the written word, but even the most skilled writers would have a hard time presenting themselves to the public in the way that video and audio allow you to do.

There are lots are arguments as to how much communication is nonverbal, but there is no doubt that hearing someone’s voice and seeing their image and movements tells a lot about who they are, and the message they are conveying. The bottom line, if one of the most powerful business men in America, and principal of one of the few expanding companies, in an era where everyone else is downsizing, takes the time to tell you that you need to get in front of your clients, then heed the message.

Your Realtor coaching business doesn’t have the same resources available, but don’t let the lesson go to waste. Apply it to your business in a practical manner. Utilize tools that will save you time so that you can do more for your clients. Put yourself into your writing so that they can get a feel for who you are. Create video and audio tutorials so that they can see your face and hear the inflection in your voice. Take the time to honor success with a personal phone call or card. Use the resources available to you to the fullest extent and watch your Realtor coaching business thrive.