How a Water Filter Shower Head Can Protect You From Inhaling Carcinogenic Chlorine Vapors

A high quality water filter shower head is a necessary addition to your home if you want to protect your family from a slew of deadly contaminants. Most of us do not realize how much danger we are putting ourselves in each and every time we step under that water. The fact is that you could be doing more damage to your health by inhaling vapors during a shower, than you are by drinking unfiltered tap water.

That is not to say that the water you are drinking isn’t doing you harm, because it most certainly is. A lot of times people put too much faith in the ability of the water treatment facilities to keep their water clean. The truth is that the equipment being used by your local water treatment facility is basically designed for demineralization, and doesn’t remove any of the chemical agents that are present.

The fact that there is a tide of chemical agents flowing freely into your home warrants the installation of both a drinking water filter, and a water filter shower head. Statistics show that every time you consume water from your tap, you are consuming traces of somewhere between five and nine different chemicals. You are taking in far more than that each time that you step into the shower.

Chemical agents vaporize much more quickly than water does, so the vast majority of the steam you are inhaling every morning or evening is made up of chemical vapors. Carcinogenic chlorine vapors pose the greatest threat to your health, but chlorine is not the only thing that is filling your lungs. Chloroform from THMs, and methane from VOCs are also entering your system.

You will no doubt realize that you have little choice but to purchase a water filter shower head, once you find out that the volume of chemicals you are ingesting during a shower is nearly six times more than what you would consume by drinking contaminated water. You cannot continue to expose yourself to these hazardous agents if you want to continue to remain healthy.

By using a water filter shower head, you can reduce the amount of chemicals you are taking in by as much as 90%. This reduction will go a long way toward ensuring that you and your family remain healthy for many years to come. Between this type of appliance and a drinking water filter, you will have all your bases covered.