How About Some Cloth Diapers For Your Baby?

It’s common for many toddlers to put up a fight when it comes to putting on a diaper, but not if it is a cloth diaper. You can’t really blame the poor little child having to walk around with uncomfortable plastic around his waist. It’s probably why many babies are fidgety even when you’ve done everything you can for them. Can you just imagine how it would feel having a load of urine soaking up your nappy? There are several benefits of using cloth diapers. I can list a few of them, comfort, health, budget friendly and earth friendly.

Disposable diapers are made from layers of different made-made fibers like plastic and paper. They fasten at the waist of a baby with a tape like sticker. Although they are very convenient especially when you are on the go they can be very itchy and irritating to your child. Some babies are less tolerant than others and will just begin to whine for this reason. When I used to use disposable diapers for my child I always knew he was awake and approaching from the sound his diaper made as he walked. Although these are beautiful memories the point is that wearing this type of diapers can not be comfortable.

If my son slept in, he always woke up with a diaper rash. I would have to allow it to heal before putting another one on. He would always kick and scream when it’s time to wear it. I couldn’t deal with it any more so I began to think about other diapers. I never really new anything about cloth diapers, I just thought they were something my grandma used for her children. But I had no choice but to give it a whirl. It was very easy from day 1, and my baby has been very happy since. I have to admit they are much quieter but I don miss the sounds my baby used to make walking down the hall every morning.

Cloth diapers are very affordable and you can use them over and over again until they begin to wither. You can get them cheaper if you buy them in a bundle. The only thing it costs you more is a little bit of work. But you wouldn’t mind it at all once you notice how much happier your baby will be.

Organic cloth diapers are all natural chemical-free nappies. If you are conservative with the wash then it would very much affordable. Cloth diapers are Earth friendly because they are biodegradable. Unlike the alternative they will decompose over a short period and become part of the planet.

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