How About Trying an Urban Rebounder?

One of the most popular and fun ways of getting the exercise you need every day is by doing a workout routine on an urban rebounder. You will find all kinds of DVDs and videos for sale that will enhance your workout, making it a lot more effective for your health as well as keeping your workout from becoming boring. What is it, though, that makes this such a great workout?

The term “rebounder” is just another name for a mini-trampoline. Yes, the same ones that were such a fad back in the ’80s. Now they’ve become far more than a fad, though, because of all the health benefits you can get from regular use. By providing a low impact workout that can be as easy or strenuous as you want, people of all ages and in all different health conditions can use it safely as a way to improve both their health and fitness level.

You’ll be able to purchase a rebounder at sporting or fitness stores and at many stores online. Make sure you choose a model that will be sturdy enough to give you the support you need. Models with only four legs can tip, so look for one that has six very strong legs. If you get one on which the legs can be unscrewed, you’ll be able to store the unit under a bed. Rebounders are very affordable. You would probably pay more for a month’s fitness center membership than you would for a rebounder.

Everyone can enjoy an aerobic workout on a rebounder, because the springs take the stress off the legs which you can experience with traditional workouts. You can vary your routine any way you like, but it’s important that you continue bouncing until you’ve raised your heart rate. As mentioned earlier, there are many videos available which give you a better workout and keep the routines fresh and exciting.

Some of the health benefits stimulated by rebounding include raising your metabolism, circulating oxygen throughout your system, and strengthening the heart muscle. It will also build up your immune system which works to keep your body strong and healthy. Now that obesity has become an epidemic in America, rebounding provides an easy, fun way to take off those extra pounds. Exercising has long been known to relieve tension and stress, and if you can do that by having a great time, so much the better.

Another really great health benefit that comes with regular use of your rebounder is that it can strengthen your heart and reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Other things which rebounding can do is improve your balance and your coordination. In addition, after using it for awhile, you’ll start seeing improved bladder control which is a great plus for those with incontinence problems.

The rebounder can also be used to help someone who is recovering from a serious injury or illness, because it provides the perfect exercise routine. Bouncing does not place extra strain on muscles and joints that are already stressed, and you’ll be able to strengthen them without doing any more damage.

You can probably understand now why rebounding has become such a popular form of exercise. With all of the many health and psychological benefits it provides, you will end up feeling better and with a lot more energy than you had before. It doesn’t matter what your age, weight, or disability might be, rebounding is an exercise for you. Besides, bouncing is so much fun.