How Barbecues Can Make You Bloat

Probably the most barbeque loving nation on the planet, Australians are the uncrowned champs of barbecue eating events. A typical Australian invitation will include the pit stop at a “Barbie” and they have turned barbeque food into mainstream food diet. More than half the population at any given time is busy chomping down on juicy meats cooked over a pit fire.

This eating habit has put Australians into very high risk society prone to life threatening condition. The amount of meat they consume with accompanying fats, oils and sauces that go into the barbeque is dangerously unhealthy. This diet on a constant basis has bloated the young, old and also the kids far beyond normal. Guests to a typical barbeque party bring their own drinks with unlimited meat on the house and at other times they also bring their own meat to be shared at the party.

Other countries in the Northern hemisphere get going with barbeque parties in summers, when the weather is cozy and beaches beckon. In Australia, the weather is temperate and warm almost all year round and people tend to hit the beaches to cool off and get their teeth into meats roasted over barbeque pits in homes, parties and beaches. Almost all occasions to celebrate end up in a barbeque pit.

This barbeque addiction has put the Aussies in some serious health troubles like obesity, heart diseases, cancer leading to other complications. Eating barbeque once in a while is not harmful and in fact may supplement your requirement for proteins, but overdoing it on a regular basis and over eating which is a norm at such parties is like a ticking time bomb.

If you can’t stay away from a barbeque and find it hard to refuse any invitation for a pit stop, then at least be careful about the selection of meats that you eat. Stick with white meats like chicken legs, chicken wings, turkey and fish. Tear yourself away from the slowly roasting pork ribs, pork loin, chops, succulent steaks and tenderloin. Beef and pork are high risk foods containing huge amount of fats with overdose of proteins and doctors and health experts’ advice cutting down on these meats to the minimum if you want to steer clear of frightening terminal diseases.

The reason why more and more people in Europe and America are turning to vegetarianism is because studies after studies have revealed the role of meat rich diet and especially red meat diet domination to be one the major reason for cancers of all type, cardiac problems, hypertension and diabetes. If vegetarianism is not your cup of tea and you simply can’t live without sinking your canines into a juicy meat portion, then at least try to switch to healthier meats and keep the use of sweet sauces, fats and seasonings to the minimum. Instead use home made tomato sauce and herbs to add flavor and taste. Never overcook the meat which is very dangerous and carcinogenic.

Barbeques are a great way to spice up a party or relax with friends and family, but watch out for the dangerous signs of obesity and ill health if taken too far, too often.